Suggestion for new mode

If Blizzard want people to spend money again, they should implement a mode called “Golden League” or something. Where collectors can duel with their golden decks. I’m a bit tired of getting matched up against “discount decks” (non golden decks). I usually get matched up against legend players (can see their cardbacks), even though I only get to rank 5 gold.
I define a Hearthstone card collector who only plays with a collection of golden cards. A collector who’s really into creating golden and different meta decks. Because you have limited resources.
I’ve decided to stop crafting golden cards since the latest expansion Outland. Fx. I got 20 golden legendaries atm (without the 3 you get from Blizzard - Zayle, Sn1p Sn4p and Gelbin Mekka.)
To add another feature to this “Golden league” it would be great to be able to pick a hero you don’t want to be matched up against. In my case it would be Priest.