The very bad relationship that the balance team has with lategame control


Before you think this is gonna be a rant about how powerful certain decks are : No.

This is a post about the very bad state of control lategame overall.

Blizzard has shown in the past this tendency towards punishment for people who let the game last for one too many turns ( Jade Golems to name one )

Now this excludes OTK decks, which require a lot of drawing, if you pay close attention you will notice that it seems that the longer the game goes, the less skill is required: Not sure which mech to discover? A great mechanic that mixes rng with skill? scrap that, take all 3 just because you have 10 mana crystals, the sense behind that ? None. The skill check behind that ? None.

How about a 4/5 mech that deals 10? Big game hunter didn’t have good stats and it was very situational, again, a tech card on steroids just because 10 mana.

Dr. Boom Mad scientist : The card per se is lovely, flavour wise and design wise, its numbers and stats are just way off: The rush mechs would be acceptable if the deck wasn’t built entirely by mechs, which just guarantees constant board control, and the discover mech power adds insult to injury to that, that + 2 omega assembly alone can outvalue an entire deck’s minionlist ( overstatment? No when you rely entirely on RNG for your value generation, and remember everything has rush ).

Overall i don’t think the warrior deck is OP , or that i thought at the time the jade were OP, i just think the direction of these later game control decks is just so automatic that people like me who enjoy long games and fatigue wins feel helpless against players who commit continuous mistakes, but go unpunished by a stream of newly generated resources.

Feel free to share your opinions and experiences about this.


You’re not wrong. There was a topic asking which class you currently like playing against the least and my answer was warrior. It’s not so much the fact that their deck typically hard counter my snowflakes, but that even if they play bad and make countless mistakes, they’re still gona win.

That said I’m also fine with it. I know the low % lines I have to take, to give myself the best chance as I’m not willing to compromise the integrity of the deck for 1 matchup. Plus I can always build a super greedy beats warrior, must draw perfect to beat aggro deck, if I feel like flipping the table :grimacing:


Finally the EU forum gets a post from a Dev!

(I’ll see myself out.)