What do you guys think about DH?

After the nerfs of DH, is DH still strong? or did it became normal as other heros

Pretty much normal power level at the moment but who know after the expansion is released on Thursday.

Yeah, i think it’s at a normal level right now. Don’t meet as many, both in normal and ranked play, and my Tracker says that through the various games i had lately with all my decks against DH i’m 6-2. Still pretty annoying with some pesky tools, but i do feel the flow of the game better, hoping they don’t get another spike in power with the new expansion.
Oh and i’ve been playing a Token DH yesterday and at the moment it’s 4-1, and i can tell you that i didn’t win easily, but it’s fun and viable in my opinion. So yeah, still strong tools but not overwhelming as they used to be, i’m glad things are getting more stable.

blad the class is bare overpowered blizz should just remove it cuz.