Why is Blizzard's site removing tickets

I just had issues with disconnections.

For several times in a row.
But not when I’m losing, oh no, only when I’m winning. I’m not a high rank, I play casually. Out of 5 matches I win maybe 1 or 2. But now I can’t seem to win anything, because the minute I get to do some damage or control the board, DISCONNECTED. When I try to reconnect, I see that not only have I lost, but I also lost my bonus stars.

I sigh, try again, and it happens again. I tried troubleshooting the problem even follow your automated guides and support service, and you know what happens?
It’s not my provider or my computer. Other online games I could play without any problems. It’s Hearthstone only. Tried everything and it always comes back to this.

I try to put in a ticket on the customer support, and then customer support decides to simply DELETE my ticket. I’m awaiting for a response from Blizzard, and they not only ignored it, they deleted it.

So in my country there’s a saying. Jebe lud zbunjenog a ti Blizzarde jebes sve nas.

Hello MaxAzimus,

I checked this for you in some detail, and from the account that you posted this, there are no actual created tickets as far as I can tell.

If you are having connectivity issues, the first thing that I would highly suggest that you try out, is to go through the steps mentioned in here.

If you are still having problems, please contact the support from here.

If you cannot submit a ticket, make sure that you have completed all the required boxes. Potentially try to clear the cache and cookies of your browser or use a completely different browser.

Thank you for a kind and fast response, but it actually wasn’t helpful.
As I said, i first checked everything else before I contacted you. I opened a ticket, wrote all my issues I had with the game ( I had three issues, with this actually becoming the forth issue ), submitted a ticket, and lo, it was gone. I refreshed, went backward and forward, it was simply missing. I am a simple man, if I click to submit and see it pending for an answer, I hope it won’t be deleted, just because I don’t agree with a lot of stuff. No, you weren’t helpful I’m afraid because you just confirmed that it no longer exists.

Anyhow, the issue I had is with game disconnecting just as I’m about to win. Not lose. Win.

I know I’m not a good player, I just want to casually play a game of cards and have fun. I win 1 game or maybe two out of 5, and I’m okay with that. I’m okay with losing, that is not the issue. The issue being as just as I’m about to win or change the course of the game, it DISCONNECTS.

And I simply want to know why and what is happening. Once or twice - okay, not my day, but every time I’m about to win?

Then I try to contact you and your customer service, and the site simply deletes my ticket.

I’m sorry if I’m not polite, but I just want to know why? Am I flagged somehow for something or is it a new bug?

Simply put, I don’t want automated answers and messages, I want an answer.
I followed your instructions and they do not work for me.

So, how can you help me?