Xp gain problems along with other issues

While trying to grind through the rewards track, something didn’t really feel right ESPECIALLY after purchasing the tavern pass with the “so called” extra xp % gain, something was… missing. Then I started to monitor the xp after every single match, pen on paper. So, if any #Blizzard rep can, please explain, to me the following:

  • how is it possible to gain as little as ~25 xp per win in ranked and ~48 xp or so per LOSS?!?!
  • how can I get 0 xp when my opponent conceded, while I got 14xp for MY concede??? (checked once each)
  • how can one of my irl friends have gone past level 25-26 with no tavern pass, while I was in my 23th lvl WITH battle pass and same amount of played games on average (known as a fact). We’re talking about ~8-9k xp difference which judging by your current xp system and gain is unattainable (again with no TP against TP)
  • Challenge a friend doesn’t award any xp at all, in any mode
  • Some of the achievements don’t check although the requirement is met and the objective is not triggered in all play modes - namely tavern brawl, vs friend play. Not to mention previously completed solo adventures (i.e. Book of Heroes) which are already ticked as complete in game (crown symbol)
  • Daily and weekly quests aren’t triggered, as above, vs friend, in tavern brawl, duels. I didn’t check arena.
  • Not sure if this is intended as such, but the tavern pass reads “experience boosts of up to 20% on the Rewards Track”. The achievement xp awarded has no percentage added to it and, yes, it goes to the rewards track.
    This is a spontaneous post and I might edit to add more stuff I might have missed.
    However, I’m sure many have complained already, but must add that the game is FULL of bugs!!! Not even worthwhile mentioning, but I feel like I’m playing in BETA after paying loads of money for your bloody preorders and many other items (which not long ago I considered a way to support a game I got to love - or used to) This company was previously known for quality, few bugs, one of the reasons why many players chose to play the games.
    Last but not least, and MOST IMPORTANT, you cheated all your clients, literally SCAMMED us with your new “at least better” than the previous reward system. Regardless of how you try to justify or explain, the gold gain is way below expectations, it’s been proven mathematically, and funny enough, it doesn’t, at least, feel… rewarding.
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You must be doing something wrong.
I am level 31 with Battle Pass, I got XP from Challenge a Friend yesterday with no problem, yes Tavern Brawls no longer trigger quests, yes, Achievements do not trigger in all modes - read 19.0 release notes, please. Achievement XP are increased by Tavern pass - checked that myself.

What I agree with is that the game is full of bugs :slight_smile:

Could you point out what am I doing wrong? Especially the part where I said I was gaining less xp when winning and more when losing lol. And I said, I came up with the above details after taking readings and I feel sorry for not going by the print screen way for show to tell.
Truth is I know these are bugs and since release I had hoped they will get fixed without complaining about them, but patience has it’s limits. :wink:

Well, have you measured how many seconds has taken you to lose and win?