YouTube Packs not received

I watched the Grandmasters on YouTube at the days 10/1, 10/2 and 10/3 (Note: The YouTube all that time said that I 'm “Connected” and I watched the games for more than 4 hours.) And I didn’t get any pack of all these days…

I have the same problem - had this problem before too - I give up :slight_smile:

@ Erekozi from what I can see, you actually have received 2 Year of the Phoenix packs from weeks 2-7, and also 2 United in Stormwind packs already from week 8, before actually making this post.

That is consistent with the current drops, mentioned in here. Do you refer to something else maybe?

@ Talaniel, the same applies to you as well, in your case, you got 2 United in Stormwind packs from week 1, and two Year of the Phoenix packs from weeks 2-7.

Thank you for checking - maybe, I’ve just forgotten it, it just felt that I have not received the packs from weeks 2-7. Anyway, I have received two Stormwind packs recently - these from the last week I guess.