Zephrys the Great fix


Well thats why you “use a wish” on him imo.

he allready only uses Classic and Basic so its quite a “smallish” Pool to choose from

as you say it yourself… you would kinda castrate him


If you do that then he’ll become Zephrys the Lame


He’ll say “Your wish is my wish I could”
Zephrys the trying…


agreed. consistently killing someone with bloodlust or savage roar as a hunter is just degenerate. Zephrys ruins class identity, also the penalty of non-dupes is too little when 8 of 10 classes have insane draw power atm. He can virtually be included in any deck with little to no cost. On top, has Elemental synergy and can be drawn through Sandbinder. Its just stupid.


Sure, here you go:

Thinking that Zephrys is OP/Imba needs a nurf/change shows 2 things:

1.Lack of basic understanding of meta and game flow. He is used mainly in control deck to search for an answer or in aggressive decks to search for a finisher. In both cases, both archtypes have many of those cards, so if you think you’ve lost because of him - nope, you’ve lost because the other guy was setting for his win, and you didn’t reacted accordingly. Most games are decided by turn 4. So he would either kill you/clear your board with Master Zeph or other topkek he would draw.

  1. Most complaints, accompanied by “expert” opinions about what is good/bad for the game come from ppl who don’t grasp a thing about game creation/balance/meta/common sense

What about it? “Class identity” is just a trendy buzzword with no actual meaning, used in the past few seasons by “experts” to justify hollow game change requests. And at some point harmed the game (sending Vanish to HOF for instance, making rogue a class, that has only 1 way to play the game - tempo, because have no recovery/board clearing mechanic)


It shows how strong frost nova is, I said before it’d be op in other classes, just so true, it’s annoying you no longet need to run Ooze for example, you basically dodge some important deckbuilding risks with this guy

@Azra loved your reply


Not only Ooze. Anything. Any finisher, any value card, any AoE, any removal. Unless your deck is lets say full of duplicates with little draw, like murloc shaman, you can just add him and wait. Hell, some decks even run that drunk panda to bounce him. I cant even recall in how many games this little stupid 2-drop carried me… and its not even to its final Dragon Ball form yet. Wait till he receives a few more bug fixes and you’ll see his absolute power.


It really shouldn’t be allowed in arena though.
Mind control tech is deemed too complicated to play around , but they allow this thing in a mode where RNG is king…


That last part made me cry. Really pisses me off to go in against decks with wide boards these days. Single targets aren’t really a big deal tho. Unless Blizzard somehow manages to lose their brain and send Sap or Backstab to HoF just to directly say: “We hate you Rogue players and we can’t make it any more obvious!”

Honestly the only way to play against wide boards these days is to play Golden Kobold and pray for Godfrey. It’s weird, But it actually feels like a poor man’s Zephyrs.


Gaining access to other classes cards is the point of Zephrys as you are “wishing” for a card, it doesn’t obey normal real world restrictions similar to a genies wish


Class identity is a silly excuse anyway, so it’s not all bad.


Wait they added monks or did they add death knights, I thought there was only 9 classes!?!?!?!


My only problem with Zephyrs is that he can discover Sacrificial Pact. Makes playing Lord Jaraxxus even riskier on ladder.

Anecdotal evidence would suggest that if I buy enough card packs this problem will go away. I’m trying Jaraxxus fans, but I need your help on this one.


I can smell 4 commons 1 rare and a lot of salt! Take a shower bro!


I would personally change the text to say ‘If you started the game with no duplicates in your deck’ at the moment he is shoved into most decks even those running 2 copies of many things. Murloc Pala is the worst abuser of this as they are able to clear their deck so quick. Highlander decks are restricted in how you can build them, I dont think people that havent restricted their deckbuilding should be able to get the value from this card.


yeah, blizzard should do what therampager mentioned. I also think this will not solve the problem. Zephrix should not be printed at all. But i am looking forward for the 30 card zephrix brawl.


You know what, I would not mind this change. I don’t think the other Highlander cards need to follow the same trend. But Zephrys is exceptionally powerful. So much so that he makes Highlander decks with the other classes, with no Highlander cards of their own, viable. Highlander Warlock being a prime example.

Plus things like Warrior’s bombs and such would not counter Zephrys in that case. :stuck_out_tongue:


exactly what I think.
At this point I hope they ban Zephrys anyway, because it’s a card that computer plays, not you, computer calculate a lethal for you. wow

Zephrys is the worst card i ever seen in 20 years of card games
Now After I played last month with 4 tier 1-2 lists (3 in standard and 1 in wild) and after 2 legend this month, I stopped to play, cause of Zephrys,

It’s very frustrating loose by random and computer decisions, what the hell, this is sooooooo bad!

See you at next rotation, maybe, if I don’t find new better games. See you. Also, just to consider this, heartstone metagame in general is very bad, and decks are worse and worse every new expansion, I don’t know how blizzard developers can go worse and worse at infinite, without limit.

Edit: I returned to play and hit legend, but still I think Zephrys is bad!


I can only agree on this. Who the hell came up with the idea making it ? Now put him/her against a wall and Zeph him away.


Zephrys ruins 90% of the fun!
Please, remove it!