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Free Hero Rotation ( 2 ) (37)

Check out this week’s complete Hero roster below! Free-to-Play Hero Rotation: May 14, 2019 Malfurion Valla Gazlowe Johanna Thrall Dehaka Greymane Tychus Alexstrasza Anub’arak Malganis (Slot unlocked at Player Level 5) …

The Ultimate Forum Guide (Codes, Trust Levels, FAQ) (4)

To all heroes of Azeroth, Sanctuary, Aiur, the Nexus and future Earth! Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Pachimari, one of the many Customer Service MVPs in Europe. :wave: If you’re reading this, it means that the…

Hi! Please read this thread first! (5)

Welcome to the Heroes of the Storm discussion forums! This forum is here to provide you with a friendly environment where you can discuss all aspects of Heroes of the Storm with your fellow players. Community forums work…

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