10% Speed Buff for Heroes - Mages Skill Floor RAISED!


There are a number of heroes that will be affected, with certain ultimates far less effective than previously.

Basically it makes the game easier for melee heroes and encourages more teamfights (auto heal)… exciting huh, while discouraging more diverse heroes.

Making the game easier isn’t ideal.


It basically makes skillshots harder, making mages to be a bit more tougher,
which is ok,

People tend to play ming n jaina a lot, n do nothing much,
Not they wil do even less, and it wil force them to learn the hero, or switch to heroes like reynor


Actually the skill level required to play this game has been decreased. There was little ‘skill’ involved in casting an AoE spell, the skill used to lie in responding to such a cast in a time-ous manner. It has now become easier to do so.

This makes the game easier for players like Lili, Morales, Butcher or lesser skilled heroes that rely on auto attack/heal and more difficult to play for higher skilled heroes like Azmodin, Zagara, Gazlow, Jaina, Orphea that relied on casting AoE to be effective.

It used to be that running a deathball into your opponents could be suicide against players like Jaina or Gazlow, Orphea, now it is easier.

Personally I would prefer to see skill rewarded and hero diversity.


You cant say that the skill level has bcom lower overall.

There are more heroes that rely on skillshots and AoE damage,
though AoE spell works different with vector skillshots (ming missles vs KT flamestrike) , but both require more understanding and timing to be fruitful.

Thus, making mages (which have been popular) a bit more difficult to play effectively.

While AA heroes like raynor, valla (also bcoz of her hp boost) n butcher n tychus hav bcom rather easier options to be effective…

In the lower ranks, its wont b much of an issue, as people just throw skillshots hoping they wil hit something…

In higher ranks, its a whole new story, as stutter stepping and juking is more effective now. and the whole gameplay slightly would have changed.

Its still HOTS way of giving some love to raynor, greymane, valla, illidan n butcher :slight_smile:


Playing Arthas in 2019 is basically considered feeding or inting, you will never catch a semi-decent Gul’dan ever. Same with KT or any Overcancer hero.

You even consider yourself a blind fanboy by yourself? Okay…

Again, nothing has changed, melee heroes have no advantage, because everyone got faster. 0 difference, but then again, I guess you really think Blizzard still cares about this game.


Considering your portrait, of course nothing has changed.
Azmo is too fat to benefit from the 10% speed buff to juke skillshots. They still gonna hit you :smiley:


Spoken like someone who only looks at one side of the whole picture

You are right

CASTING an AoE spell takes little skill

ACTUALLY HITTING HEROES with that spell takes at least some

And hitting heroes consistently without missing is the sign of what makes a good player

Especially when you’re playing as Nova and use Precision Strike on someone who has disappeared on the map to kill them

Now you actually need to get slightly better at predicting a target’s location

It’s not a SUPER BIG DIFFERENCE in regards to how much skill you’ll need to hit heroes with abilities compared to before but it’s still a much welcome change in my book as heroes used to feel a bit more sluggish in movement before

I do

They may not care as much as they used to but they still care

And I hope they will not give up on it anytime soon


The skill required for Azmodin to land a hit depends on intuition (i.e. where an ally will be), has been that way for a while. The problem now is that it is far easier to evade that, particularly if cast from a distance.

I can barely land an explod + grav-bomb + explod combo anymore with Gazlow as heroes are simple able to escape just in time , even if cast right on top of them, i.e. perfect cast.

Does Guldan’s fear takes more skill than before. Lili’s Jug of Cups?

I really don’t think such a lazy wholesale change was necessary. You cannot implement one patch like this across board and not expect it to have a massive ripple effect.


I find it to be a most welcome change as Heroes of the Storm was meant to be a fast-paced game to begin with

It is one of the things that made this game unique compared to Dota 2 and League of Legends


I’ve no problem with the game being fast, however they could simply have increased the game speed by 10%. Increasing player movement speed, but not spell speed is different.

Effectively this nerfs AoE spells. I don’t see how that benefits the game.


I have no desire to hear the Raven Lord speak in Chipmunk voice

Effectively it means ONLY REALLY GOOD players can be good at heroes who use these spells

It is the way it should be

It will encourage players to practice more and actually BE BETTER!


LOL , tht was a good one :smiley:

They just increased the skills required to play Mages :slight_smile:
Li Ming, KTZ, Jaina, KT, Orphea, n some others., are suppose to be hard to play
and its ok now, take that from a Li Ming main, it took me about 2 games to get back i form.

But they need to adjust some ultimates, like Purifier Beam, Leoric March, and others, just to balance things the way they were before, they may as well adjust a few AoE spells cast time, or the size of the AoE spell, But i feel its all ok. The game just got a bit more COMPETENT :slight_smile: , i find a challenge in this , n fun :slight_smile:


Not really. It is simply unplayable in certain circumstances.

I’ve mained to diamond, over 2,000 games with Gaz… and even in gold I simply cannot land a good level 10 Explod/Grav utl nor level 16 Explod/Grav/Explod ult anymore using a normal Gazlow Explod build… This really doesn’t have anything to do with timing or ability, rather the simply fact that heroes that are semi-competent can now escape or don’t even get caught by the first explode anymore.

A part of Gaz’s build is a decision to take slow turrets (Engine Gunk) or multi-turrets (Turret XL) . Typically for an explod build, you take slow turrets in order to give your opponent as little time as possible to escape grab bomb, however this is negated now by faster heroes.

Long and short, this may kill off not only Gazlow’s AoE build, but a lot of other AoE heroes. I can’t imagine that was the aim.

I agree it is more fun (i.e. faster), but also agree that certain abilities needs to be balanced now.


Only for you

If you were playing only one hero and trying the same strategy over and over again no wonder you call it unplayable

Consider this update your wake-up call


agreed, and they did mention in the patch that they will adjust according to the info they gather.

But i doubt it will b many abilities that are adjusted, but some ultimates will be.

AoE damage is huge mostly from mages, and it shud b a follow up on cc, rather than just blindly casting it here n there, i think the game is going in the right direction… Of course many players will be affected and feel frustrated or completely stop playing a certain hero they loved to,
but, thts wht Blizz intends,
people to shift to heroes tht dont get picked up more, and for the game to be more competent. :slight_smile:


As shown, for any high-level Gazlow that uses a Explod/Grav build (as opposed to Robo).

I reached diamond using Gazlow exclusively, but I play a number of heroes at high level. I would also state that you are confusing the term strategy and tactic but specific to this game hero build.

Perhaps you can use a concrete example that supports your claim that “ONLY REALLY GOOD players can be good at heroes who use these spells

As I have illustrated, the patch was intended to “makes the game feel a bit snappier, especially while in combat. We will be carefully watching how this affects Heroes with lots of skillshots and will balance as needed

Blizzard has not made any indication that they intended to make the game more difficult for AoE heroes and have already indicated they will consider making future patch changes to compensate.


Nova using Precision Strike to kill low health heroes that are no longer visible from the map

Gul’dan no longer being able to easily hit Horrify that leads to the wreckage of a whole team

What you fail to grasp is that this is more than just about making the game harder for AoE heroes

Melee Heroes will be able to catch up to their targets faster and heroes will move across the map faster in general

For example Garrosh or Arthas will have lesser trouble catching up to an enemy hero if they even stand still for a single moment

And the opposite is also true:

Heroes who keep running away without turning back even while being damaged are more likely to survive if they haven’t been disabled in any way

I for one hope that they keep this change

A lot of people keep mentioning Purifier Beam but keep in mind that this ability wasn’t even meant to damage a hero much to begin with if they weren’t slowed or standing still

The level twenty upgrade is when it becomes a true destroyer of enemy heroes


Your full quote was “Effectively it means ONLY REALLY GOOD players can be good at heroes who use these spells… It will encourage players to practice more and actually BE BETTER

What I would like you to support is your claim that one can play these heroes (Say if you’re a Silver/Gold) if one practices more. As I’ve indicated I’m a diamond level Gazlow main which means I play in the top 8% of the player base with around 2,000 games with Gazlow. I’ve practiced more than my fair share :slight_smile: Are you suggesting that only Master or GM’s should attempt to play AoE heroes? If that is the case, I’m fairly sure that was never intended by Blizzard.

Actually Blizzard has not stated anywhere (to my knowledge) that the purpose of the patch was in any way to make the game harder for AoE heroes. This is one of the non-intended side-effects of the patch and hence the problem.

The impact of a 10% speed increase for two heroes of more or less the same speed is marginal in your example. A retreating hero arrives back at his tower 10% faster. The impact of repeatedly evading a level 10 ultimate (as a result of speed increase) is far more significant. It renders some heroes useless against higher level opponents. I don’t see this as anything Blizz intended.

Why? The logic continues that it will be easier to evade level 20 AoE ultimate if one can run faster to evade it, which gives an advantage on every skill level (Bronze to GM) to heroes with melee ultimate’s over heroes with AoE.

Conclusion, Blizzard (to my knowledge) never intended this patch to impact AoE heroes. The speed upgrade should remain, but let’s hope they fix the game asap.