2 days now and still cant paly


It has been 2 days since I reported the problem and nothing has happened . I log in and were the paly button is I, it says please wait . I wait an hour and nothing happens . I put the mouse cursor over it and it say " game mode has been disabled" . What is going on ???


I have almost the same kind of problem.
Nothing happen when I press play.
I have to press between play and collection to change from start page to ready meny.
But I can’t press Ready as it only change between Chromie and Zaraya.
And also some other problems so I can’t play Hots at all.
Wonder if it has to do with that I updated my Nvidia Graphic Card software??
I’m using GTX 1080 card.


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Try and delete the Variables.txt from the Documents\Heroes of the Storm file path. Once done, open the Blizzard Desktop App and click the blue logo at the top left. Click on Settings and from the new window, click on Game Settings. Find Heroes of the Storm, and click on Reset In-Game Options.

Once done, start the game up again and test it out.


Hi .There are a lot of different solutions for this problem. My problem was a corrupt file . You need to delete the Blizzard Entertainment file and if you cant delete it move it somewhere else . Then run game . I hope this works for you


Problem solved by uninstalling Heroes Of The Storm and deleted Documents\Heroes of the Storm file path.
And then a completely new installation so now it is working.


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That is good to hear. Thanks a million for letting me know.

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