+60 games Imperius "Thoughts/Changes/Balance/Bugs"


Games +60, KDA Ratio 4,97, Win rate 60,7% (Mostly build around Impaling Light talents)
Hey everyone… For someone who doesn’t play to win but plays for fun and test out every corner of Imperius talents, I would like to point out that he has some fairly high single target burst(if they are left alone with him) And fairly high risk taking engagements (As Q stuns self, leaving you OPEN to be interrupted / caught), and ofc his Q combo AOE burst build, but we’ll get to that.

Now what I’m gonna miss in this feedback is perspective from the other side of the board… Playing against him… Only about max 20 games have been against him, and I haven’t learned much from that when you play Imperius yourself.

So from what I read most people don’t think Imperius is that good of a hero… YET… So lets talk about it a bit. (Cause yea, he is underperforming on hotslogs because A: People are new to him B: He doesn’t have enough to bring in on the table)


  • Molten Armor (E) - Dull talents, Hero focused
  • Impaling light (Q) - Quest, Talents
  • Ultimates / Lvl 20 talents - 2 under performing Storm talents, CDs?
  • Feedback on bugs or possible fixes

My Thoughts:
E ability talents and function
Imperius have a lot of talents that are just very pale and distasteful, that doesn’t mean that they are bad, just either very conditional. Lets take lvl 13 (E) talents and lvl 4 (E) talent, which has mainly sustain/support talents, where 1 stands out as just a flat 3 sec CD reduction if it hits hero for full duration (May I remind you the target your E hits is completely random, so if adds are nearby, you wont get extra heal/dmg or reduction) I dont have a problem with the talents other than, they are boring. I’m fine with the lvl 4 E talent, but it’s as i’d like to point out, under performing and conditional.

(TL;DR: I wish E prioritized heroes and had more interesting talent choices)

Q Ability, function/Power
I gotta say I’ve had most fun and most potential with his FULL out Q build. Which most people don’t seem to try out that much, as it requires a little different approach than normally. All because of talent at lvl 7 (Flash of Anger) I love this talent and it rewards you a lot when you pull it off correctly, also would like to point out that the talents TOOLTIP is wrong, as it states: “Deals dmg around the target” This is true, however it also deals the dmg to the target who is marked.

Q Talents are working well together as well as making you feel the difference when you’ve picked up, most significantly being talents at lvl 1, 7, 16 (Wish hots would implement a feature that showed whenever someone had dmg reduction on which would help me identify how long my enemy had lvl 13’s 35% dmg reduction on, in the same way they have done healing reduction and armor)

What I wish Imperius could gain more potency in his Q, to make his Q build more viable. I’d suggest things like: Lvl 1: Impaling Light(quest) Make the last 3x hit funktion as a reward for also amount of targets impaled (15-25) //Lvl 13: Pathetic Mortals also reduce the dmg taken during your impalement. // Lvl 16: Celestial Swiftness gives immune to missing with auto attacks during its duration or makes you immune to stuns during impalement.

(TL;DR: Change Q quest and make adjustments to Q talents down the road)

Ultimate and Lvl 20 talents
Can’t say I want much of changes to his current ults except for CD’s… Wrath of the Angiris has a higher CD than his Angelic Armaments, and I question why? As I’ve performed very equally with both of em. I’d say they are both a good survival on equal terms and both deal about the same amount of dmg. 20 sec CD difference tho, for a displacement with CC, is a little punishing from the fact that it has, cast time, hit box. Which means missing it (which happens about 20-30% of the time depending on what targets u try to hit) leaves you in big pain. I would say they would perform about the same if they had same CD.
Lvl 20 talents tho… Uf… Do they feel dull… (2 of em)… Right now, Heavenly Host and Impervious is the only 2 viable picks and the other 2 talents are very situational and have most of the time no effect. CD reduction on Wrath of the Angiris is not really something you need at late game when spawn time is high. Could be really really fun to put it on 2 charges and 120 sec CD. That’s just my idea… I want it to be fun. As for the last talent, Valorous pursuit. To high CD is my only issue, maybe change that would be good for Valorous pursuit would make auto attacks not consume Molten armor brands, this would create slightly more auto attack dmg and a at least 10 sec potentially portable host to get back on. (Love the unlimited teleport range)

Complaints and FIXES(Bugs?)!

  1. Impaling light’s weird auto attacking

Fix his Q’s finishing auto attack. For some reason after you’ve finished stunning people with your Q, Imperius chooses to auto attack the closest target nearby and ignores ALL actions you’ve qued up while you were stunning people.

  1. Timing W+Q, does it apply Flash of Anger?

(Not sure about this, can’t even tell in TRY mode) Fix his W+Q mixed initiation combo with (Flash of Anger talent)… they both ALMOST line up perfectly but the W distance travel speed looks to be a little slower than the Q, which lines up with your talent not happening.

  1. Wrath of the Angiris function - Enemy walls

Wrath of the Angiris: Not sure if it’s intended or not, but hitting a person just outside his gate actually teleports you in on the other side of the opponents gate. Knowing how the spell functions, I’m sure it’s because your initial target hit is the location where you fly from, but you can’t fly back over the enemy’s gate. The ability seems a bit silly that you can’t fly over some terrain and just land at the nearest location where you’d be able to stand on.(Ofc this would create scenarios where u spawn 1 side of the wall and your enemy spawns at the other)
Also wanna point out that I am HAPPY that you can control your landing location in regards to facing directions.

Stiches Hook + Wrath of the Angiris bugs out the landing location for the enemy. (have happend to me twice now, it’s consistent)

Thx for reading… I hope you’ll put in some constructive comments in if you agree or disagree. :drooling_face: :spaghetti:


Personally I didn’t play him too much so I can’t comment much on your details (sound mostly reasonable though) but my experience playing against him…is a solid UGH!

Recently I play almost entirely as Kael’thas (and only qm)…at one point I thought he was bugged, then went TRY with him and…yeah, why does the range of his lunge is roughly the same as Kael’thas Flamestrike? I think Imperius has serious range problem like this. His Wrath surprisingly not so much, that’s rather tame. Powerful and all but okay.
It’s hell though trying to down him in (rather uncoordinated) team fights or running from him and an ally of his. When you’re 1:1 against him you can try your best to evade the lunge, but that’s already a pain to begin with…I think the damage output is overall okayish, but the range of his abilities…I mean I LOVE spears and polearms in general but this is ridiculous. Impaling several heroes AND jumping through environment? Not to mention that his followup attack after the impale has higher range than it’s supposed to be? I mean maybe it’s just my imagination but it’s so frustrating.

HotS shield mechanics are absurd already but Angelic Armaments is just a but above the rest. It’s “only” for three seconds but if it’s not depleted…he shouldn’t be rewarded for the enemy’s lack of damage with that much damage of his own.


Imperius is not rewarded for opponents lack of damage, but for being able to prevent you from doing damage with his stun.

Your team not doing damage on purpose means he will be out of range for the offensive part too.