8 active players and 2 players with 10 games per season


Now thats an excelent matchup. A duo who for the past 2 years have racked up maybe 50 games a year get matched up on our side with the rest of the match having regular daily players.
Safe to say that was a definitive forced loss.


You mean you forced the loss yourself by throwing the game because you didn’t like your teammates? That’s rude.


you never know how good those players r,
i seen many players with 1000+ level who hav not learned the game at all

guess they played the game against AI all their life n came up in ranked

player level wont tell skill, u shudnt assume like tht,

obviously some wont b as gud as u, see if u can carry them, n see if they listen,

most ppl will try to follow


Are you meaning me? XD

I feel like you had specifically ME in mind when typing that

And yeah I agree with the second poster

Even if you think your teammates are bad always try to make the most of it

Guide them if you can and ask for their help

Don’t just give up and accept defeat before the game is even over just because YOU THINK THEY ARE BAD

Because anything can happen in HEROES OF THE STORM!

You might just win if you don’t give up hope


lol, nooo,

i know u play a hell lot of AI , but thts coz u like it :slight_smile:
n i recently notice tht ur 1000+ level, didnt notice tht before,

but u play well,

for me, a gud SL player = who communicates n coordinates

no matter how pro u r , if u dnt play WITH THE TEAM , ur no good to the team :slight_smile:

n well, ur pretty gud to the team, u did very well with deckard,
just one issue i notice,
u shud throw the potion behind us, so we retreat n take them :smiley:

ur potion were in the danger zone at times :smiley:


I love your kind words Clipper

You are a true friend

I will take your advice

When I saw that you wrote:

In my mind I was like:


And yes I totally agree

A TRUE master of the game is someone who knows that this is a TEAM GAME and tries to work together with them instead of just relying on individual skill

I am glad I have a friend like you who will give me advice and also listen to my advice and work together with me


im getting slightly better with KTZ :smiley: haha

but i still need to work on my safety zone,
and the timing of erupting the spike as a defense mechanism, :smiley:


He could not possibly know how many games they had BEFORE the game cause you simply cant inspect them , you get instant matched and in-game . Thus , he couldnt possibly had any prejudice. Why you people always assume the guy who tells the truth for the state of the game is always JUST MAD cuz of 3-5 losses in a row ? The state of the game is unimaginably horrible . I have more than 1 k screenshots of games with 2 or more people under 50-100 level on my team whereas i am 1800 . Ye level doesnt mean skill but means GAMES PLAYED .
And let me tell you mister , a good portion of those players DIDNT EVEN KNOW HOW TO MOUNT . Now stick this to your skull .


They would know how to mount if they were playing this tutorial

But sadly it got removed because somebody thought it was too basic and casual

Now it has been replaced with a bunch of boring and generic ones that most people just want to skip through


He said “forced loss”. The only way to have a “forced loss” is to take action into your own hands and force it yourself. So my question is, why was he throwing the game?