A few humble ideas for abathur


Hello there. To say i love Abathur might be understatement. But enough about that.

After this weeks patch, i’ve been livid. Reliving the good ol’ days of the locust build from beta and 1.0. This build has never really been what is used to after they changed how structur amo works. And even tho it’s a pretty good build now, you still need a lot of time to take down a singel front turret. But, i doubt theres much to be done.

So i’d love to share some concept of other builds.

Apart from old school “specialist”, mines is allso one of my favorite builds. Viable on few maps, high skillcap and lethal results if you play your cards right.
Most of abathurs builds start with slowly building up to a big power spike at 16 and 20. Sadly all mine related talents stops after 7. While takeing all 3 mine talents at 1-7 leaves you in a pretty powerfull spot, you can’t really get that big power spike in the late game. And as mentioned befor, you spec early in an ability to get the lategame power spike. So after 10 with mines, you have to pick talents that leaves you with a half-done, underpreforming build. I’d love to see a talent at 16/20. I thought of many things, but most would be too powerfull. My best idea would be a reward for hitting x amount of mines in a certiant timespan. Example: Enemies takeing damage from 3 toxic nests within 10 seconds, causes an explosion dealing X damage and rooting the target for 2 seconds. note: placeing 3 mines in a cluster is risky and the cd of 3 mines is (asumeing lvl 7 is picked) 24 seconds. It would allso warn the target if you have placed 10 mines in a singel bush, so it rewards playing tactical and setting up. There could allso be addet a small bonus like, 1 sec cd reduction on mines etc or a repeatable quest that would increase the dmg of the root, after it triggers.

“That other ult”
Evolve monstrosity. It’s a good ult, but it’s like a todler. It moves faster than the monion waves, then it gets itself killed on turret all the time, and since a few patches ago, for some reasson it can get tower agro even if theres friendly minions attacking. It’s a total waste of time and the times i use it, i have to leave at critical moments, to make sure it doesnt go and kill itself (or get killed when it shoulnd’t). do mind, this is a 90 second cd. Waiting 90 seconds to get a good push going, and then it kills itself because you looked away for 10 seconds. NOT WORTH IT. I would much rather have maybe a 40 second cd, that would power up a locust for 20 seconds and then selfdestruct with some AOE dmg. Or give the damn thing a “wait here” option. (i know this could cause some problems with getting 40 stacks, and then saveing it)

More stabs!
Spikeburst has 3 talents, stab has 2. And 1 of them compete with burst. My idea would be to place stab’s lvl 13 to lvl 1, and put spike’s lvl 1 to 13. That way you have the choose between spike’s healing, or the bigger range. More dmg or heal, that seems like a fair choice to me, but i see why people would not like it. I just want 1 more talent for stab. This is based on some talent placements in the early game and it would be very elitist sounding details, to explain it all.