A guide on how to read statistics in this game


Lately I encountered teammates that told me not to play my main hero or even banned the hero because of my “statistics”. One of these clueless people referred to my slightly above 50% winrate, another one to my kda on this hero.
So lets first talk about how to read the winrate statistic of your teammates.

  1. You can choose between all games, only quick matches or only ranked. To do so you have to put checkmarks. Now why is this important? Well, if my Quickmatch winrate is only average because I dont care and because quickmatch is an even bigger clownfiesta then ranked then this is not the right statistic when someone judges my ability to play a hero in ranked, where i am running a 57% winrate for this hero.
    Now additionally we have to consider the league. There are heroes that run on average a way higher winrate in masters league then in trash gold. The problem is that certain heroes need a team and people that know how to react to them to combo. Otherwjise these heroes are not very effective. If you set up a combo on you main heroe correctly and noone knows how to follow the hero gets useless.

2.kda. Now why are characters in this game dying? There are some different reasons. Probably you play to agressive. The other possibility is that the people in the trashleague you got placed do never engage, dont take opportunities and are always scared to fight. So If someone is always top dmg (more dmg then every teammate also when they play heroes that should do way more dmg and more dmg then every enemy) while having more deaths than the teammates then something is odd. How can the one that doesnt have the same time to make dmg because he is dead do so much more dmg? Well probable because the rest of the team just sits around scared and does nothing and doesnt know how to fight and doesnt know how to skillshot. And then we talk about statistics hahaha. Pathetic.