A lil funny story


I was typing to coordinate my team since someone wanted to play abathur on Cursed Hollow in team league. Luckily they were a premade aand knew what to do… so I joined in and we tried to get a compostion going… but as you knoww Abathur comps are fragile things. Soooo…

We have tyrael, Abathur(Prepiicked), Orphea, Ana
The oppenent has Gazlowe, Zarya, Falstad and Artanis locked
So… our last guy decide to prepick IMperius… Ii go with: “no don’t go imprerius… you won’t be able to do anything.”
Imp’s respond: “Shut up, you talked more then I have in my entire HOTS Carreer.”
He locks Imiperius… I give an off comment saying: “Those must been some short games then to never have coordinated like that”

…So what happens? We lose easily with Imperius in 7 deaths.
Game ends with in 12 minutes.
…He proves all my points.


Looks fine to me. U have to take into account the way you play the game (apparently u guys just sucked), not only picks. Aba + Ana can protect Imp with shield ult, Ana boosts Orphea and aba copies her.
And why did u play 4x4? If 5th guy was some kind of Raynor or Tychus, you surely would be ok and outdamage em (if u have weak frontlane, always take a lot of burst).

Just to reduce the cringe - you can have fighters as only sololaners (even Dva or Xul), just take more dmg in that case. We played as 5 mages a lot of times, banning engaging tanks, and were ok. git gud


That is what you normally would expect, but a 7 deaths Imperius and from the start saying he wanted his team to shut up, instead to coordinate, it means even if Kotlol and his team tried to do stuff, Imperius didn’t listen, he didn’t respond to pings and he played his own game. This is happening more often than I thought it would be: some players don’t listen to the team, when you are trying to help them they answer ‘stfu’ or ‘You are not skilled enough to tell me what to do, so just shut up and chill, enjoy the game <3’ (THESE ARE THE WORDS I RECEIVED FROM D.VA IN A GAME, WHEN THEY WERE ENGAGING 1VS3 ALL THE TIME, AND WE WERE LOSING VERY FAST, IN 10 MINUTES); worse, sometimes the entire team is silent, they don’t even speak in the chat, and the game just ends with no words in chat for the entire game, or to let you know you were the only one who played bad and they were playing so good because they are GrandMaster.
Players who don’t even do the basic stuff, like soaking exp (at least 1 lane is ALWAYS not occupied, so you lose 1-2 levels right from the start); people who are convinced that teamfights are the only way to win, so they are under 2 levels, make it 3, then 4, then 6 and they continue to charge over and over in mid or in top lane, 1vs1, 1vs3, 1vs5 and they scream ‘LEEEROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOY JEEEEEEEENKINS!’; peoplewho just joined the game, they think to know everything about it, you try to give them advice, you try to tell them to play as a team, and you get those asnwers I said before, and they don’t even know how their hero works…and what you replied to this?

HOTS is based on the concept of TEAMWORK, a TEAM, because if you think to play alone in your little world, you are fated to lose; you can’t carry a team, that concept doesn’t exist, because even if you use your hero so well you get an advantage for the entire team for like half the game, 1 bad teamfight, 1 mistake of yours of somebody else, and the game is lost. So my advice is: stop getting triggered by people trying to help you, telling you the basic stuff you should know already, stop engaging in needlessly teamfights that most of times don’t give you any advantage, and stop thinking only for yourself, as if you were the SupremeGrandMaster of the game who could deal 500k siege dmg, 1M hero dmg and who could contribute for 50k exp, because in the end what the game says is ‘Team blue/red wins!’ not ‘XxPantySmasherxX wins!’.
“Oh, get up, I…oh my, are you dead already?” - cit. Kael’Tas


This alone shows lack of understanding and self contradiction.

1st up Aba + Ana protect imp? Yea but he started fighting before shield ult.
2nd… He went the other ult XD Forcing me to bail himi out with sanctify.

3rd: 4x4? What does that even mean… if the 5th guy was different… (Aka imperius) And yes I know we needed burst or CC. I asked for a CC tank or DPS from him. He chose neither.

4th: Needed a solo laner… yeesh what diid I tell imperius as well?

5th: 5 mages alot of of times… you were a full premade then so iti doesn’t count.
I like that your last statement cannot effect this since you had allies working wwith you insted of against you. Now let’s try this:
4 mages and 1 abathur but the abathur is clearly not trying to help and does bad talents. let alone he keeps body soaking and doesnt pay attention, getting killed for it.
let’s see how gud it can git then.


Well, if he went another ult, then yeah, the outcome becomes obvious.

Whats the point of the post? Everyone has this kind of stuff from time to time. That Imp might be cool player, just played this way due to smth from before - we all have devestating games from time to time, especially if spamming games for hours.

If you are not in a premade, expect dudes who are noobs or have their period. Getting good teammates in this game is an exception, not the other way.