A special place in hell for GMs with silver smurfs in TL


Hi there,

I don’t know why I write this, because I don’t think anything will change, but in name of venting, here goes my opinion:

I believe (Grand-) Master players who queue up with silver smurfs deserve a special place in hell. They actively manipulate the bad enough matchmaking to gain favorable match-ups for them, and contribute to the downfall of this game.

Me and my other 3 buddies are Dia-Plat and just won 3 games in a row, and then Blizz matchmaking decides that we needed a challenge.
BAM: a full 5-man team with 1 Silver, 1 Gold, and 2 grandmasters (around rank 30)…
We gave it our best, but were not surprised to be outmatched… After the loss, we queued up again, and the same match-up came…

It’s just very sad that this sort of behavior is not prevented by Blizz. Maybe don’t allow GM/Masters to queue up with people lower than Diamond?

For me it’s just unethical, and I don’t see the appeal if I were a GM to stomp people from lower ranks… I mean where’s the challenge? And as I said earlier, it frustrates people like me, driving even more players away from this game :frowning:

I hope you had fun stomping us, Xbat and kickya… You really deserved that GM title… smh :wink:

Oh well.
It is what it is…

PS: Would love to know your guys’ opinion and experience on this
PPS: Repost to this Forum, because I’m really curious about your opinion on that.


I totally agree with you, as soon as a Master/GM queue with teammates, whatever their rank are, he should only allowed to face a team with a Master/GM at least …
Don’t matter how long he has to wait, but it’s the only way to limit smurfing and those kind of manipulation…


Too bad this problem is only mainly seen by Mid Plat - Mid Dia range players as when they que with silver-gold players the MMR averaging hits right around those ranks.

So the most of the playerbase is not affected and not enough attention is brought up. Really sucks to play these rainbow games.

Personally i just dont play TL anymore too much of a dice roll, its HL or AI for me because QM is even worse of a dice roll.


“ops”…and here you go…im here again…i now this guy Vision dislike me so much…:slight_smile:
I dont care whar he think about me and how feel…for me fools are fools…

Back to topic…

Yes…is good to be adressed this issue…
And Blizzard to think about that…
One questione Chaiya Papaya(heh : d what is this funny nickname?!:))) )
You didnt games befor like set the game on very hard difficulty?!:slight_smile:
Thats called challenged games

Yes…they can work on …players to be not allowed make groups with difference feom 2, 3 different leagues…but NO…
Because of this huge mess…players are not at his right rank or league!!
And one more miss factor wich you didnt think…then playersbase or us start th8nk like that…" if is banned we make friends groups in TL,this is stup*d decion of Blizz and we gonna quit the game istant""’
You realy forget about that,right?! :slight_smile:
Better do not be fix that.
And this issue is from begun of the game btw as you know very well…

At Vision…
Hey now you admin whole this sh* t MM and MMR is big trash ,right?!:slight_smile:
I know …you know that from long time ago…
Because i did suggeast better vers. of the game in my ( Brutalnot topic or acccount)
" Make HoST most epic game in gameing industry this year"…

But Vision cant admin or understand is better…because he didnt try or test it long time!
I told you few times…" First try and then think"…but nooo…you always judge yourself for high smart and high intellected human than rest peoples,right?!:slight_smile:

I think anout all.my ides long time do not have problems after that…but noo…you again judge yourself for much lore smart than me…right?!:slight_smile:
One day you understand you think with worng way!! Just wait…
In Your life will make out you and life situacuines with peoples wich you meet!
Remember my word in your whole life!:slight_smile:


I dont dislike people in general as long as they dont give me a reason to, like insult me without provocation or a reason.

Hating people is like drinking poison and hoping someone else will die from it.

They have and they are implementing MMR anchoring and/or rank restrictions within parties in Ranked play in the future.

This is why TL ranks are a joke and not taken seriously by most.

MM and MMR are fine but flawed in a teqm game, so it takes alot more games to place a player correctly.

MMR averaging on the other hand does not work as intended really, it makes games kinda balanced but opens them up to exploits. Smurfs also mess things up.

Theory comes before practical application, so far your idea does not work even in theory as you imagine it to work.

And if you wish to say this, neither have you tested it so you cannot say it is good.

The reason i dont do everything i th7nk for example at work is that i first ask other people what they think about it and make my idea even better as i start to notice things i missed, 2 heads are better than 1.

OP is just pointing out an exploit of the system and it will be fixed in coming seasons with the MMR anchoring and rank restrictions.


This is extremely common in Master/GM too as long as you queue as 3. I managed to get GM with 2 other friends, and I can tell you around 1/4 of our matches are against a full 5 man premade with 2-3 GM’s and 2 silver/golds who play like GM’s too.

And when it’s just a regular premade rather than a smurf premade, this happens instead: https:// ibb(dot)co/Z8Y9mD6 (can’t post links here apparently)

The funny thing is, we beat them the game before that because our random teammates were actually GM for a change, and because of that, these guys showed how mad they were about losing to a bunch of randoms, that they started bm’ing like crazy when they realised they could win.

Whiteshadow and Cemixam, you two definitely deserve your spot on the leaderboard!


“aaaaand…” beeeb"(warning sound)…“you didnt quess right enswer”…" try next time"…
To now i did inspect your mind…your mind is full of mistakes…i few times did try out to show you where you worng…buy no…you continue be like " un prepare student wich didnt work on scoolwork"…i did try to help you where exactly you do mistakes… becauae i told.you that…" you are like stup* d donkey wich not move from roud,wich be hited from vechile"…
But noo you continue be like " so worst student"…
I told you …in your life you would be teached…
Yes…i do that with brutal and negative way…wich is not good for me and is my mistake…

Problem is you " think" on theory will not work…but…only of practice will be proofed!!

Yes,is good to read other peoples what they think and improve yourself…but is not enough…try hard…

About these furure strictuone rules …players wich are with different achieve leagues…i did said already…i not good becuase plaue
Yrs want freedom and to play with his friends…and im 100 % sure Blizz will not work on such strict rules…then rhey lose more peoples or customers.
Yes…they can in QM and Unranked…but with this stup*d idea would be come much more worst!!.
About smurf accounts i did suggest this idea

" New strict requiment to be unlocked Ranked and is valid for new players "
“Lvl up to 15 lvl ,5 heroes each per class”
Or like real sports …“sportis.must training long time until go rournaments”
With this way new players will teach the game better from all reas old players"

But with your worng thinking…you did.said
,…this idea os so bad because takes too long time and lvl up many heroes…and not be allowed of players play what they want"…right?!:slight_smile:
See now?! :slight_smile:
Again rethink about that…
Other your mind and thinking and real.life xp is you not think about all point of view!
You are so young and your real.life is not hight xp-ed…that is other your ptoblem. And cross check with me…im much old than you and i had high gamer xp-


Being old is a disadvantage at most as your reflexes get slower.

Also you havent learnt to speak english in your decades more than what i have had time so that speaks volumes about your life experience and ability to learn, old people can be dumb too.

Im also better at the game and argumenting than you so…

I checked your builds on heroes and they were absolutely the worst i have seen, any GM or ex pro would say the same, you arent stuck in Bronze, you are ranked correctly and until you learn you will not climb.

Using insults instead of arguments and facts shows weakness in character.

Also im done with your insults and delusional thinking at this point.

And Avoiding a ban by posting on an alt account is against the rules so… Mods?


I didn’t know Donald Tusk played HotS :o


Yes…right you are like me and olld wild wolf wich eat “donalt dusk” like you…i can eat you and spit you as well…:smiley:


@ hey Vision " dokey"…
Dont cross check me with for an axample " chu8"…
Go and inspect us wich others… i can play even better than you and chu8 this most popular srteamer…cross check our played heroes…
I never stop repeat at " stup* d doney" like you…" fools are fools for me"…
I never accept your rating.
One day you understand what is your mistakes…but not now…


You know that if someone played Hammer with KDA of 4 in Bronze and other did with KDA of 3 in GM, the GM player is still better than the bronzie with a higher KDA right? :sweat_smile:

Just like 55% winrate in Bronze is worse than 49% in GM.

Also if youre better than Chu8 how does he climb to Master every season and you have always bee in Bronze?


Because i did explain at you few times so.many reasons…but you never would accept it…because you “thunk” with worng way…

Addional chu8 have more free time to spend in game than me and more.many reasons…yes…in me either and in other players…MM,MMR.so.many tes was reworked heroes…bad luck,maybe he had luck
One biggest problem is inthis MM or MMR cost too.long time …and this other reason why so many players quit the game and more like this string negative energy…human feels,human qualityes…how faster one player can teach the game well…not exist penalty points,rules…not exist encourage mechanics ,rewards, death ratio…rework of maps…rework of talents or heroes… many human mistakes…and more and.more reasons…yes i too do.mistakes but so often cross check many young peoples…so.many kids play the game…afkers…gave up decions of this group of" young green" peoples…so many bad players wich cant see his mistakes…so in…and so on…i can count so many reasons…enough for you?!:slight_smile:


Nanoha, Bebo and Aussenseider. If you ever meet them you can report those guys. One “gold” with a 80-90 level account and two GM.


Kyckya, Xbat (both GM) and HotsplusHaze lvl 100 “gold 3”