Account reset after reinstall

I factory reset my computer about a month ago. I reinstall battlenet, log in with my account (the only account I have ever owned), reinstall heroes of the storm, had to do this weird tutorial thing, and ALL of my hero levels, purchased heroes, skins, mounts, etc have been reset.

Hey allskills,

This would mean you’re either logging in to a different region, or a different account altogether. If you can’t find the correct account with the emails you may have used, check out recovery options or contact support directly over here.

I have only ever had 1 account and 1 email with blizzard. I logged in with my email and password and it showed my account name “allskills” was there so it is the same account that I have always used. I have tried logging in to the other regions and my account is not there. I tried a different game and the same thing happened with Starcraft 2. Completely new account as if I have never played before. I dare not log in to Diablo 3 and see everything gone…