Add Universal talents (gameplay)


It would be Nice if we added some universal talents which every hero had. Or maybe should it be role specific.
Maybe there could be a talent (item) tier at lvl 8, 17 and 21. Here every hero could choose bewteen 4 to 5 ‘items’ which could be thing like: small increased aa speed, small aoe heal, and so on. At lvl 21 or 22 there could be items like ‘blood for blood’, some of the LOL activatebles like ‘Smite’. Maybe even New abilities like: ‘Bone spear’, ‘Vault’ (small dodge), AOE slow. And so on.
This would make the builds more interresting and the gameplay more special.
Hope you see this Blizzard :slight_smile:
Best from Joe


Sounds like a terrible idea. Sounds like something taken straight from other MOBAs from which HotS tries to differentiate from.

On top of that add in the fact that generic talents from early HotS have either been removed, change or personalized already suggesting Blizzards approach on this stance.


It’s not a terrible idea just because it is from another MOBA. No logic in your mind. LUL


If they’re universal I would imagine they would add a lot of balancing problems and possibly limit design space.

For example, if we were to consider an auto-attack hero like raynor to be balanced at least well enough as they are, then that would mean that to be balanced in a tier with a buff to auto-attack speed they would have to reduce his base auto-attack speed otherwise he would become overpowered with it.

There is also a bit of a question as to what would be the best way to implement these universal talents. If these talents are what I will term “generic output improvements” (simple bonuses to attack speed, attack damage, ability power and cooldown reduction if they added it), and these are in talent tiers against one another then is there really any choice in these? You pick whatever is most beneficial to you, or more likely whichever ends up being meta pick.

It could be interesting if these tiers would overlap generic output improvemens and perhaps talents with other functions, such as defensives, mobility or other utility but the question then is “Why are these generic?”.

One of the strengths of HotS was (at least the potential) of the specific adaptations of heroes. If we were to take sylvanas windrunner, that farstrider talent (lets you use banshees again after use and refils her withering arrow charges when she teleports) I think is really cool mechanically and thematically, but it also opens up a new use for her teleport. I don’t think you could have such an effect with universal talents.

So while I think at it’s most basic you could design and implement the idea to be reasonably interesting, and if you were good enough could make it a good improvement to the game, I think that for similar amounts of work you could probably get more impressive results just putting that work on improving the currently existing talents, but perhaps that’s just my opinion.


Yes ,is stealed idea from other MoBa games and is bad.Better would be defite wich talent bulds earn ("+1 ranked points") if player acheieve some from these 20 achievements ( if someone cant remind what are these achievements …then enter un hotslog!)…depence from what heroe…
And would be penalty ranked points ,again depence from what worng picked talent heroe build. a
Although… many heroes ralent build are not worng…for an axample of Varian…this dps build. Hard part is defite wich talents builds are better ,depence vs enemy heroes tal3nts builds. This neeed a lot decions and long time. But would be a lot better. For an axample can be seen in ine website wich name i cant remember right now( i know can check out)…:slight_smile:
And end of tha me in this earned scored cirle(there show what division is player) and can make pop up window …"you was rearded “+1” for this heroe talent build! :slight_smile: