After 9 wins yesterday


First game 13 deaths sylvanas into Butcher Aba team, second game last pick hanzo we have no healer… GG blizz, GG, your ladder is more like a hampster wheel, than a ladder ffs.



Why people always write just what last pick picked? Why don’t you write what other 4 picked? Why don’t you write what did you pick? You know, there is no magical rule forcing the healer position on the last pick. And just to be honest, if there is no proper tank (only bruiser is not a tank) and no healer while I am last pick, I prefer to pick assassin. As a healer I would not be able to heal anything since rest of the team has no tank to peel the damage and they would die faster than I could heal. I don’t pick proper tank either because I’m simply not a good enough tank to peel without support. So I always go for assassin with some form of sustain, because I’m the most comfortable at that role and also I think if played at least a bit properly, full assassin combo can outburst proper tank+healer team in any league platinum and lower. Maybe even in diamond.


I picked a tank, you annoying little fake dragon. I don’t remember last time I dpsed…but hey, last game I was top hero damage on healer (rehgar), while outhealing morales on enemy team…


Becuase not exist punished ranked point rules who do not pick needed class! That why! And players not communicated well or on right time( too early time i mean). And becuase they cant draft smart with think about heroes abilityes wich be a lot helpful.
And because they are not enough smart or are lazy to.learn the game or dont care about his mistakes or they dont onow what exaxtly his.mistakes they.must refix in future in his games. Exist so.many young peoples wich " think" with worng way and they cant understand what exactly is his.mistakes.
Also death ratios “show” who player is high game skilled or to think how do not be killed easy , or how to avoid dmgs, or how to avoid game situaciones wich not be kiled.many times. Becuase not exist also mechanics how they firts training or improve…

In my topic i clearly explain why every my ideas would work better and what excatly would effect of
If you cant inderstand ideas , better ask me until.say something stup*d.
I guarantee you if game versione you it so much.or love it.
But unfornately we cant test ot a tleast 2 months or 3. Untill Blizzard decide to add in his work and be added for test.


Imageine Brutalnot has a bunch of great ideas but everyone just skips his posts because he can’t speak english


It’s not about he having good or bad english, or having good or bad ideas, but because he is bronze 5 every season and as we know, that’s the lowest point in the game. And no1 will took seriously a player that is EVERY season on the bottom of the line. Then when you suggest what is good, what is bad and what need changing/ fixing, so it work better/ being improved or something to be removed, his answer is " you think wrong way"/ “you don’t understand it” and so on. After that, is his bad english. And at last, when you suggest him to start teaching english so he can improve, he is like “i am too old” and so on. At the end, there’s no point to speak to some1 who is on the lower end of rank mode, doesn’t want to improve himself in real life, and in-game to see where are his mistakes and he want to be taken seriously… really ? No1 takes a guy like that seriously…


Roskobg if you was so smart or high intellected person…to now ( when i created this my topic) would reply to me and explain what ideas is so good and what is so bad, but with smart arguments or proofs
If you are such people…but you are not!
And you was better cross check with me, you would had high % MVP and had better KDA % ratio, then your stats would proof that.
And is NOT true none take me seriose…because few guys reply to me to now in EU,US, reddit. If was true, then NONE would reply to me. But facts speak itself.
And if was high intellected person.then you would suggested to now better ideas, but you DIDT do that, only say about soft rest tool and events.
But a tleast i try out to help of game, and if you was so good person and high intellected, then you would admin , i try to help of game. But you DIDNT DO THAT!. Or to say to me this…" your try to help of game is so good , but they are not enough better , because…( here you start count and explain to me why they are not). But you again DIDNT do that!!
And i dont care is it someone would rate me based of this not so good MM or MMR!
As you know exist so many peoples wich say this MM or MMR is so bad. Many peoples achieve his rank and with his luck factor and his game skill. In Bronze league exist and so many good players and of course so many bad.
Roskobg dude…if want to proof to me you are better than me…,then do it.


I am smart and (at least) intelligent to know to not mess with Blizzard’s work- because i didn’t studied game development or programming to know if X or Y thing is possible to happen or to be implemented in a game like Hots. I can only suggest what can be changed if possible. Also, i am smart enough to realize that a game have a development team, a financial team, a marketing team. If 1 of those teams failed, the whole thing can fail. If financial team fail to monetize game properly, game fail. If marketing team fail to made players to want to play that game, game failed. If development team failed to give better balance patches and changes to a game (hero balances, map balances, gameplay changes , that players like), that game failed. There’s not only “change mm/this hero/this map to my taste or to my vision of that hero/map”. Mvp can be received from soaking with less/no deaths or in losing games, so it’s not a factor. I am placed higher than you, i know if i can spend time to play hots enough in ranked mode, i’ll be in a lot better place than you as rank, and better than mine last ranked season and to climb to platinum in both leagues.
Most of responses to your threads are criticism or how and what to improve and what it’s not good and it’ll not worked or it is already tried from Blizzard. And then you answer how every1 “is not intelected enough, not smart enough, and thing wrong way”. So there’s no point in trying to engage in serious discussion with you. How many answers you receive exactly from Blizzard staff ? Some Cm or some developer or something ?
I answered you what i think it’s needed to be changed in game to have a slightly better time and to be better rewarded.
Ok, here it is- yes, you are trying to help the game, but you are doing it wrong way- you should listen to others, others suggestions and ideas and how stuff can be changed or fixed even in current game, but instead you are just answering with “you thing wrong way, you not smart”. The better players in bronze rank, are smurf that are trying to do bronze-to-master challenge to prove that is it possible to climb.
Btw, i read that some ex-pro players that are every season high master/grand-masters were helping Blizzard with suggestions and ideas, and Blizz try to put/implemented few of those ideas in-game.


Guess that is all you know,nobody can`t speak English,you are the best speaker,player,all others are bad,Bronze boi.

Any post,crying crying crying.I play good,my team play badyou are part of that teami must play healer,oh tank,Im assasin killer look my damage 190k but cant win.

Till you don`t change you behavior,will be in Bronze


He is right you know. After a winning streak, there is always a streak of so terrible teammates that makes you wanna destroy the computer.

And last pick is not a mandatory healer or tank. But if I am last pick and we don’t have a healer…I WILL TAKE A GODDAMN HEALER.


I do the same, but rather than blaming last pick for not picking what you think your team needs, just imagine you are the last pick in every single game and pick accordingly :wink:


I still remember the game in question. The guy had nothing pre-picked, I picked main tank and he picked Hanzo…the sad part was that we won that game anyways.

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