AI Behavior needs to be fixed


When a player is leaving and AI take actions hes too easy to be killed. Going alone on lanes and only feeding the other team. Once you clicked on the AI hero he follows you, but lets say you’re engaging fight with the enemy team. Not only that he doesn’t secure objective for example camp shrine tribute or tower.

Hes just standing next to the player that clicked on him and walking doing absolute nothing. I agree creating an AI is hard but its like when we’re 4v5 99% chance to lose the game and that my fellow Storm Developers is not good game and provides no entertainment. I get that everyone wants to win the game, but the frustration came when you put all your heart brain and skills to the game that you still hope you have slim chance to turn the game around but you still lose it. And I mean it. I’m talking about lower divisions not some Diamond, Master, Grand Master.

I had an insane game within bronze league players at my team and on the enemy team. The enemies we’re playing like they are platinum 2 or platinum 1. And it was so hard when we have lost the player and the AI keeps feeding until we get 4 levels behind.

In certain moments when the AI is near objective he should either try to charge(like Cursed Hollow objective) and secure objective or he jump the fight and let someone else do that. But all hes doing is patrolling and doing nothing and some times he let you die by doing nothing and eventually he dies as well.

This is the reason over the years people wanted a give up option. It has positive and negative effects. The positive effects is when you have 2-4 players who left the game without reconnect you keep wasting your time knowing you cannot turn the game around and you only your hero and your AI team demise. I’m not saying this is the answer but there should be a AI that we can trust that we still have our slim chance to turn the game around.

The negative part of the give up option is that most of the players when they see their team doesn’t play good he wants to use give up option and quit the game so he can start over.

If you cannot provide better AI then when 2 or more players left the game like permanent make the game player a little bit faster so we don’t have to play 30 min game on garden of terror or warheads and keep wasting time with poor game experience due the leaver players.

P.S Ever consider creating penalty for Quick Match as well? There is no restriction to leavers in Quick Match. They still leaving. How about you make a restriction to these players and when they quit the game their next game should be vs AI. I think it will solve the leaver problem in Quick Match once and for all.

My way of relaxing is listening this. Thank you Heroes of The Storm Team