Ai bots acting like idiots


Once again hots ai bots didn’t do as suppose to or at least I expect all the bots
(enemy and ally) to be coded the same way. Which doesn’t seem to be the case since my bots are acting completely different than the enemy bots. From this day I will record every single game and gather all bots fails/mistakes and send them to Blizzard. It’s going to be a long video I’ll tell you that.

Probably the hardest map to play with bots is Volskaya Foundry. Since the protector comes stronger the later you get it. Example: if your team isn’t capable of winning the team fight at 20 minutes it’s pretty much over. What makes it hard to win the team fight is that my bots are prioritizing on pushing all 3 lanes alone rather than the objective. I’m playing duo with my friend so there is literally nothing we can do to kill all 5 hardest bots. It is just a bloodbath for our team.

Usually, people would say that make the bots follow you and your friend. We’ve tried to do so but they just stay behind us waiting for our engaging, which is not a good idea to be done as healer or mage.

I really hope you there in Blizzard listen to the players who actually play this game. So please try to fix your bots one way or another. A question I would like to have an answer is: Why won’t ally bots focus on the objective and team play as the enemy bots do?

Salty bot player


First of all- why are you playing only vs ai matches? Second- you do understand that you can ping bots to follow you?


Playing against ai only shouldn’t bother you at all. Also did you read what I wrote?
“Usually, people would say that make the bots follow you and your friend. We’ve tried to do so but they just stay behind us waiting for our engaging, which is not a good idea to be done as healer or mage.”


“I really hope you there in Blizzard listen to the players who actually play the game” well 99% of the playerbase plays vs ai matches for exp farms or to do quests or just don’t take it seriously. I would understand if the game wouldn’t be team (player) based and just player vs ai then yes I would agree that blizz needs to fix bots. Now when HOTS has a small team, there mane focus is new heroes, balance changes and reworks. I really don’t think that blizz would spend a lot of time to improve there bots when they don’t effect the main game


This wasn’t for you but for Blizzard. Also why do they have bots if they don’t mind fixing them at all. Bots have been sh*t for like 1,5 years


Rumor has it, those aren’t actually bots, but Blizzard employees themselves.


Imagine being paid 5k per month for throwing ai game LUL


Bots replace players when someone leaves the game and people have been complaining about how bad the leaver bots are consistently

They are connected

They DO affect the main game

And I personally remember them being a lot better than they are now

This is why playing on Beginner level is rewarding for me

Enemy team often has such perfect teamwork they end up winning there as well sometimes when I play alone


I thought the problem with bots was that they engaged before you or do not retreat when pinged. I have never heard that they could wait in formation.


Bot behavior has been changed left and right over the past few patches

Come play a game of Versus AI with me and you’ll see it in action


Bots r smarter,
sneaky botstards they r,

I lost my first AI ever in the history of this game to a beginner AI LOL
I was tyrande, wanted to get the 3k heal , i had done 397k out of 400k , n couldnt get the chance to heal in ranked, so i thought i go in AI n just finish it off,

The bots went crazy, they took both the bosses, as i tried to push one lane till the keep,
I was at their core with 4 of my AIs (i pinged them to follow me) , n all the bots were at my core, it was an epic race like
My core vs their core
56 - 100
56 - 69
50 - 47
41 - 39
25 - 22
10 - 8
0 - 1

I lost, with their core at 1% lol,

then I took a 15 minutes break before i joined again in qm :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel the power of Beginner AI!

Now you know why I play that mode! XD

Skynet is becoming self aware :sunglasses:


no actually, i underestimated them, its not they they stomped, they acted smarter than i thought,

It was raven lord, and i wanted to finish the map quickly, so i ignored the tributes,
when our side got cursed i had already went through top fort and had top keep damaged half way,
I planned to take their side boss to push (they already had taken their side boss, n it was on CD.
I took my side (top lane) giants (i was on left side of the map team)… and i timed it such tht, when the giants crossed the fort, their boss would b ready n i take it n push n win,
My all forts were down, bcoz of curse damage, n there only top fort was down n keep was half , i was tyrande, so cudnt dod damage much.

But,before their side boss (top lane) was ready, they already had taken our side boss too, n the bottom lane was pushing with boss,
i went bak, defended it, n then went bak to top (giants had taken out the keep)
our bottom keep was also down,

I went tin with full force to the core with catapults n others, n they did same from bottom lane,

it was a race, lol, i lost by 0.5 seconds, or may b 0.25 seconds, when our core busted, their was at 1%

i felt soo mad n crazy i started laughing LOL


Hey at least you cannot claim it was boring :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Come hang out and play more AI with me sometime

We’ll practice crazy strategies and improve your Kel’Thuzad skills even more

It will be fun

It’s fun to have a friend when playing AI


ya i will may b, im thinking better to try new heroes in AI, coz QM stats r counted in mmr, Im playing more of Artanis now a days,

Or May b I try Kelthuzad with veteran AI, coz those will move a lot more n hit bak too


First become good enough against Beginner AI

You should practice until you are able to finish Master of the Cold Dark quest in less than five minutes

And then move up in difficulty slowly when you feel more confident

Trust me

It’s much easier to retain your skills when you learn slowly and gain confidence that way

You will notice that when you play Versus AI with AI Teammates and you’re the only human player it’s suddenly a lot more challenging even on Beginner

When you are able to confidently finish that quest fast and hit targets while playing patiently

You will be ready to take on actual players and play really well in almost every game


I didnt notice the time,
But I have been finishing it by level6 , didnt notice the time,
But the problem arises when theres no one laning, n i have to move to another lane to wipe out minions or solo, than I cant finish it off untill lvl10,

Lets try a few games with AI tonight may b



We should keep notes of the times when we are both free and available


well, mostly we hav overlapping times, but if im already in a party playing ranked, it bcomz hard to leave it , unless i play 2 or 3 games, and then tell them i have to leave to play with another frend,

but we can work out something soon im sure :slight_smile: