Alarak Lightning Surge [ E ] ability issue


So I love alarak and I’ve been trying to master playing him but I’ve been noticing a serious issue with him and his Lightning surge ability.

Whenever a hero is in the middle of a mob pack, and I target the mobs at the back, or whenever a hero is near a gate/tower or anything really and I target the mobs besides said hero the lightning surge hits the hero instead of said mob/building/etcs. sometimes the snap radius is so huge it’s frustrating, last game I played I am 999% sure I hit the mob directly and a good distance behind a Diablo yet it still hit diablo as main target.

Is there anyway to stop this interaction… since it’s a huge dps loss, prevents me from slowing enemies and getting negatively charged quests if I picked them.

Tried my luck at searching and couldn’t come up with anything related to this.


If it were up to me his E would be directional spell. The way it is E is harder to use (although risk of losing mana on miss is 0;)).


Good point. It’s not that it’s to easy or to hard, it’s just the fact that you tell the game to do something and if it doesn’t do it, it’s bad design… (not to be hateful on the spell or devs) When we talk about good design, then it’s becaue the animations are cool, the gameplay is good, good controls over character ETC… And his E… Yea… It have had me pulling my carpel tunnel a bit sometimes cause It gotta be sucha precise click and even if it’s spot on you can still end up clicking the wrong thing because of E’s hitbox (which is just like any other hitbox in the game)

(Edit: Don’t know how to solve the issue tho… It’s not a major one for me as I mostly do other builds with him)