An unexpected fatal error occured


Greetings to all of you.

I love HotS but everytime I play it, I get these “fatal errors”, up to 4+ times in a single match, and it concludes with a terrible experience…

My ranked matches are ruined. Even in some victory matches, it would just crash at the end and leave me with demotion.

Sometimes my fatal errors continue with a BSOD from Windows itself.

I need your help here. I got an error reporting ID in my fatal error last night, but I don’t know if it’s okay to share it here.


My graphics drivers and other stuff are up to date, I don’t know what to do. Reformat PC back in the day, reinstall HotS, all done, no use.


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If you experience Blue Screens while playing the game, unfortunately this is out of the scope of support that we can give because this generally means that there is something wrong with your PC itself that causes these crashes. You can find some suggestions in this article here.

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I’ll be using the link you provided as a guide. Thanks. Maybe you can help me on the fatal error given to me by HotS/Blizzard?

Heroes of the Storm
An unexpected fatal error occured.
To further help us identify the problem, please explain what you were doing when the error occured. (translating from another language, but should almost be the same)
(text box)
Please use this Report ID when contacting Blizzard about this error
(some numbers and letters)
Send to Blizzard / Relaunch / Exit


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Of course I can, you can find the basic steps here but like I said, it won’t help much with your blue screen crashes.

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