Are Blizzard engaging in deceptive pricing?


Similar to Az’s video regarding Fallout 76’s in game store, we must as a community ask these questions for Heroes of the Storm.

For years now we have seen new HotS products being made available for the public through the in game store, with a %-based discount off attached to them. Reading the lastest blue statement regarding HotS’ plans going forward, we know Blizzard’s full intention on making almost, if not all, products available for gem purchases. Gems being a pseudo currency for real world currencies.

However, that seems against the Federal Trade Commissions rules as these products haven’t been offered previously for a substantial/reasonable amount of time. Which in layman terms would be false advertisement with intention of masking the real value of these products and confuse the consumers.

So how much respect does Blizzard have for the FTC? Are they actively engaging in deceptive practices and been doing so for years? Are the rules different for non-US such as EU countries?

Let me hear your thoughts.