Artantis in lane


Hi Guys, best counter to solo lane this guy?


that ugly on your profile pic


Think they explain it really good on icy-veins/heroes/artanis-build-guide
Also a good site to chek is hero logs.


You can pick nazebo, raynor etc.


varian can b gud, dont take parry upgrade, keep 2 charges tht block AA only, artanis does damage by AA mostly, his blade dash has long coold down, n his prism dnt hurt much… if u go onto him with twin blades, he will run eventually.

and if theres an artanis or fenix or johanna, ,u shud ALWAYS take the talent tht destroys shields faster, even if u dnt hit artanis with it, your basic attacks already doing bonus damage to shields, so these shielded heroes dnt seem to b a threat much


Leoric, Arthas maybe Cassia or Malthael ?

And certainly The Butcher(having meat is a bonus).