Ban for "leave" afther a finished match


So, the match ended, and in the scores I got 4 matches ban for “leaving the game”. Could you try a new game blizzard, and actually do something about this? I know you mostly just ignore or delete everything bad comments and posts, but your ban system is dumb. Deal with it… I didn’t even disconnected in the (terrible) ranked game with my useless feeder team we lost less than 12 min. Gold ballance is always cool btw.


I think you mean leaver status which makes you play 4 non-ranked games, right? Due to how server communication works, those tends to be applied with 1 game delay. Are you sure you didn’t disconnect 1 match before that one?


No, it has no delay (in my case I always get the ban after the game) because it is - also - an autoban because blizz totally doesn’t care their players, so a program doing everything automatically… they don’t even respond to you…


Mate for 4 games leaver status you get,can be just for one game leaving.
Guess you left before last week two times I think.
Cuz for leaving you must play only 2 games,not 4.
If you leave second times goes 3 and again goes 4,so…


So did you DC in previous game? Or did you quit a draft 1 game back? Or are you just assuming? Because from my own experience I can say for sure that at least draft dodge penalty has 1 game delay (or alternatively you can log off and back on) due to how game data synchronization works.


I accidentally pulled out the power cord from my computer during draft when I was adjusting my table(electric, goes up and down) 2 days ago and didn’t get any leaver status. I lost 600 ranked points or something, but no leaver.
So if you got a 4 game ban, it must be because this isn’t the first time.