Behavior and manners in-game


Why dont the support do anything about people with behavior and manner problems? Its like every game or atleast every 3rd game that you come into, the people in the game will always come with a childish comment and/or insult.
If you tell them what they can do better, then they will immediately “attack” you on some point.
And even if you take up the fight or the childish fight, then they will just talk more bs and insult you and your family or something like that. And they wont even be able to stay on the subject, and they will take you off track, and you make a comeback, then they will just say the same thing back like doing a “mirror” like kids was doing in 2nd grade, thats not normal for people this age, but its only becomming more normal, cuz you doesnt do anything about it. you just let them talk bs and doesnt let them think of something special like a real “comeback” joke or alteast a real comeback that supports the subject in-game, that was the error in the first place. I could write a whole book on whats wrong with kids nowdays, they cant do anything themself, leeching somehow in games AND leeching as much IRL.

even in ranked games, they will talk bs, and not talk about the minor mistakes that makes you “lose” the game. they will just keep on with the BSty attitude, and making the game worse for EVERTONE on the team.
atleast the should stay on the subject, instead of talking bs and insulting other peoples family. cuz we all know that wont help anything at all.


Tottal agree with you.
No mattter on who dropp some sht,with who I play or who they are if just start with bad behavior,instant report.
Just do`t want to be matched no more.

But in HL just dont know what is problem with reports.Like you said on every third game there is some empty head,I do report but next few games they are still in my team.I dont care if they are some great players or the best just don`t want bad energy.

Dont know whats the problem,is there no other players or what.
From 5 time i played last week HL,3 times one guy was against me,different time,different day,Very weird.
Also,met A guy who trolled 3 games in my team,just doing nothing on map,litterly nothing.3 Losses.And after 3 games he was against me playin very good.I didn`t do nothing to him,never met him before,reported on first game but still in my team 2 more.

During playin silver also met a guy who just go into 5 and die,constantly all game,15 minutes.And he just said he need Bronze 5…
Its kind a scary,dont want to lose my nervs if i lose game.

Im starting to bealive there is no people just playin with AIs,bots or what they are.
In brawl lot of times played with AI.

Blizzard must do something with that,guess nice idea will be to make some Behavior Police,who can work for Blizzard,in every league with few of them who can track everything what happend in game.No need to be pro players,classic medium skill.Insta ban for bad attitude.
No place for empty heads,or people will sudden start to quit game.
Nobody want bad energy,we all play for fun.


Giving any unwanted criticism in a stressful environment puts people on the defensive. People who feel attacked and get defensive won’t stick to logic to defend themselves. Its human psychology to twist or ignore parts of reality to protect the ego.


How i call them,empty heads,wont hear any suggestion,no matter is good or bad,just dont want to hear.I know very old people who want to learn still,problem with empty heads is they dont have their attitude,its based on some scam they watch cuz they dont read. I can litteraly can imagine that empty head how looks like at that momment when drop some bad words. Cant look you into eyes,just they can is to drop bad behavior.

Yes,but smart people who know they are not in right,wont go with bad attitude.They will reacive things and next time wont do the same thing.

Empty heads will drop bad words,with no facts with no brain.
Cant call that EGO,its illness.
Their parents didn`t give them basic knowledge just good computer,so he can be in room playin games.So far from reallity.

That empty head wont be able tommorow to take care of him self,just do neurotic cry part to get what want.

Its so sad,am 100 percent sure,that empty head who drop bad words on you,tommorow you meet him will run so fast and cry for mommy. Its not point who is stronger or smarter or no matter what,just want to give you image of 90 percent how they look like.


From personal expirience:
I’ve talked to people what they can improve, then they start talking BS to me after that I rage insult them in everyway possible and I got banned for almost 4 monts total now, for abusive text chat.
So I can tell you that they are taking that as a fact.

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