Best type of monitor for HOTS?


Hi all! So my monitor has recently died and I’m looking into getting a new one, and wanted some opinions on which might be best. I basically almost exclusively play HOTS on my pc nowadays, I have a ps4 for my other games.

I’m trying to decide between going for a 1ms 144hz monitor such as the Acer GN246HLB 24", which I can get for £169, about the top of my budget

Or an ips monitor like the Acer R231bmid 23" for £99

Or a LG 25UM58 25" UW-UXGA for £156 if HOTS benefits from an ultra-wide monitor?

Im still running on a GTX 580 which at 1920x1080 runs HOTS on max at about 70-100fps according to fraps, so will I even notice the 144hz? Suppose I could reduce settings to make the most of it but also thought an IPS monitor might make the colours pop a bit more and look a bit nicer, but wasnt sure how much of a difference the 1ms/4ms difference might make. I’m not planning on updating the card anytime soon either…

The monitor I’m coming from, though is a 9 year old LCD, is a 120hz 3ms Samsung, but I’ve been using a tv since it broke and soon got used to the 60hz.

Thoughts? Open to monitor suggestions too, I’m basically looking for what’s best for playing HOTS effectively on my system! Cheers