Blizzard broke their promises. again


right now playing QM without a tank and support.

Thank you for being insistent on your promise breaking.


What do you want? Fast Queue times or Balanced Teams? You get one, you complain about not having the other.
Quick Match should just stay what it is. A mix and mash. If you want structered teams, make a premade team for Quick Match. Do some work yourself.


I NEVER complained about queue times, stop assuming.


S/he didn’t say you did. S/he’s saying you either want balanced teams (which would require hefty queue times, let alone the fact it is barely possible to balance ARAM), or for the mode to live up to its name - “QUICK MATCH” - you know, throwing people together ASAP so you get your fix of HotS, ie. cuts some balance corners.

If you want balance, you have to work for it in Ranked.


You need to keep up on your posts before you write in here…

There was a post from Kaeo himself (lead developer) saying that due to the longer times they are going to slacken the restrictions for the moment. They “heard the feedback” and are lessening the restrictions where needed for the moment as a temporary measure.

Basically you noticed the difference but im guessing you were not aware of the recent changes… Try reading the posts… or maybe try reading the patch notes every so often lol.


The problem for QM was never that a team didn’t have a tank and/or healer. The problem was that one team might not have any dps at all, or 1. While the other team had a good setup. Or one team was full of squishy while the other team had way more survivability. And so forth. Just ridiculesly unfair matches. The worst part, was that often the game could just had swapped 1-2 heroes around and it would have been a fair match


I love the change to try to push tanks and healers in to QM. It makes for a (often) more fun experience. Still people get so angry over the fact that QM’s don’t get, let’s call it “Drafted-teams” (not that drafts always work out, looking at you “must play” and/or “trolls” in drafts ;)) but people really need to chillax on the hefty mood swings. Take it for what it is, a Quickmatch. You don’t know the map fits your hero that well, you don’t know if your hero will fit the team that well, you don’t know if the other team will be a counter to you or not, and just go in with a more relaxed view on the Quickmatch gaming. Save yourselves the anger.


Reverting it back to random is a welcome change,a move into right direction.
If you want to play random games as your own non ranked play,enjoy your self in unranked matches.
Part of QM charm was that it’s unbalanced and random.


Haha, “promise breaking”, “broke their promise”. At least read some patch notes ffs. They reversed the changes back.
If you want to know why - probably because due to the recent announcement of undetermined hots future and queue times starting from 8 minutes and more this game would have been dead for sure in less than a month. It’s a pretty good reason to stop playing a moba. Only such dudes like you would stay looking for a match for half an hour, saying “Nah it’s fine, I never complained” and pretending nothing happened.
This rollback is definitely a good thing. If you don’t agree than you are in the minority. Go play draft or other modes if you want good compositions.


Personally I think of QM as Versus Mode from Beta version where I define outright which hero I want to play. Only an advanced version of vs AI in which no one cares about comps.

You say all that, but Blizzard promised balanced matchmaking since the launch of the game. I’m yet to see it after 4 years (5 with alpha+beta) since they initially promised. Since the old forum is no longer available (technically is but read only) Maybe we should put it all back on the plate ?

You made so many promises, when will you start keeping them ?

They changed the forum cuz it was overflowing with criticism about how they keep failing. I made a few such posts as well. Problem remains and goes deeper now. They said they were excited about upcoming changes, well, now we know some of those changes, and I see no reason to be excited about.


And iv’e yet to see a fully balanced game in LoL Summeners Rift random game.Point being crying about balance in QM is illogical.And if a game that’s been out since 2010 never made any effort for those random games,i think hots is fine.

The new forum change was before the Hots cancellation of Esport support,switching devs and everything related to Activision shyt show.
I know i am terribly disappointed by those changes,but i wount go that far to lie or change facts to prove my point.
Also ironically people who are happy with the game never come to the forums to praise or make those post’s.Most of the people come to the forums once they have a problem ingame and then they stick or leave.

My point is the QM reverted changes is something i am supporting.Now they need to merge HL/TL improve some ranked matchmaking and il be a happy camper.


Tells you how miniscule the playerbase is these days when even the most played gamemode can’t put simple teams together and gotta expand search criterias every single time almost.

Jump ship while you can.


Played ranked or Unranked then…


English lesson here…



Yesterday I uninstalled.

I went from an overall 51% win rate last season to a 36% win rate so far this season. Every single game this season has been appalling. I am continually being matched with people who havent got a clue; last season the players I was being matched with were skilled, competent and mostly fun to play with. Even the losses were fun. This season it has just been a stomp every time, no matter if I won or lost.

So I am done for now.


Only times ive seen healers generally are when i play one. But then the problem tends to be solo warrior against double which has been the case every single match today alone, weve faced double warrior. Cant attack backline with the peel while we have minimal peel with just one warrior. Autoloose.
Still tend to get 5 assasin games majority of matches, apart from the shi—show of 5 assasin vs 3 and/or 4 specialists. Its literally worse than it was.


Now we finally got the double warrior but no damage dealers against a solid double warrior double damage healer. We get to enjoy probious and murky. Im fu…king done again for a few months i cant believe how unfair the matches are.


The fun thing about the matchmaker is how it handles tank or support picks. Whenever i pick on of those 2 i get the weirdest compositions like triple tank or double support (often in combination with the other team having a very unbalanced comp as well that would be fine if some heroes would change teams) .


The problem isn’t the changes per se, or even this specific update. It’s that with every update that Blizzard releases for the QM matchmaking, it somehow manages to end up worse than it was before. I’ve never wished for fully balanced teams in quick match, but I’m sincerely questioning how on earth are they able to screw it up bit by bit to a point where you have one team full of specs and the other one full of assassins, or one team full of tanks and the other one without. It’s never been this bad, but I don’t really get all riled up about it as I used to. That’s because I’ve lost all hope in not what Blizz was, but what it is. There will be another update, I’m quite sure. That is, if they have any developers left for it. Even if they do roll out another update, however, I’m quite confident it’ll just end up worse than what it currently is. After all, that has been the trend for the past three years when they still had a full team. Don’t see how the situation would become magically better now that they have a skeleton crew.


When will you be unable to jump ship? lol. Personnally I still Watch the new semi-pro leagues and still have fun playing. I’ve started to get teams that listen when we coordinates and that actually play well. I never had a 36% win rate, not this year not before… always around 50% consistently for me… sometimes 52, sometimes 48. I dunno. I’m going to an official tournament in a month. I’m building a team… People complain… and HGC cut and blizzard removing devs saddens me a lot too… but it’s not dead