Blizzard broke their promises. again


Look, they gave us the tank, ranged, support team comp but the price was too high. 10+ minutes of queue time with no solid promise on a proper balanced team comp on your side. If the outcome is the same, that is, a trashy team comp, I would rather have a far shorter wait like 30 seconds and have some fun for 20 minutes. After all, that’s QUICK match, not BALANCE match or TANK SUPPORT match. If you want proper draft, play rank or unranked.


But ranked is just as big a joke as qm. The entire game is a joke. Normaly i win 5+ matches in my placement matches. Last season i won 3. Currently i got 3 wins out of 9 matches. Either i get matched with and vs people above my skill level or below. I have had some clueless people and it is not as if it takes the game a long time to find a match. It seems as if they are trying to make people leave the game, so they can shut it down. I think this will be the last season i bother with rank and perhaps the game as a whole. The game just becomes worse and worse. I have played since alpha and it is just a load of garbage. I don’t enjoy it and haven’t really done it for a while. I mostly did brawls and vs ai to do my q’s for the gold