Blizzard, hear me out


Hear us all out now. I have read forums last couple of days and I have seen nothing but endless questions and feedbacks about Blizzard’s activity. I want to ask you what is your plan for your games including especially Heroes of the storm. You made mobile game for PRO-PC gamers (yes, I am talking about Diablo), you made World of Warcraft mostly unplayable and with Starcraft you have done nothing. Hearthstone is mostly pay-to-win and Overwatch… The hype were over many years ago. Do I even need to explain more. And now you are killing Heroes of the storm step by step. I want to know what is your goal with these kind of action and have you think your games future? People are mostly leaving and changing games, asking for other options.

I have played Hots mainly from alpha BETA, have almost 10k games, supported for real money and even streamed your game and being a part of raising your game in Heroes of the Storm-Finland. So I can say I am one of the established player in Hots. Is this how you treat your players who has given so much to your company? You do NOTHING to MM (except make game modes more unplayable), ruining the XP system in game, ruining queue, firing people, selling games and at the same time you mention to people who PRO-gaming about phones, and leave your players to running circle in dark with no answers.

Have you think what happens when you keep treating players like this? They are quitting. Your games community is builded most likely for players who plays couple of months and then quitting and changing to other companies games. Then theres the group (what already exists) who plays once in a month or so and coming to ranked and you have no established players. Lets not forget about AFKers, leavers, casuals, etc… Oh and what about Hots streams? Ah, right, they were shutted down (rip HGC).

I hope you reply to me and show me you have even 1% interest about your players (the tiny group who still has hope for better Hots future) and I can continue playing this game what means a lot to me and I don’t need to uninstall the whole Blizzard app in my computer. If I don’t receive or see any activity from you in this topic or even anywhere in these forums I can say nothing but good luck to slowly dying company who has made even my childhood better.

I am speaking for everyone.


(i HOPE they are NOT making a mobile version of this game too mate.Also people note it is not Blizz that makes the calls now.I hope they are wrong.But everyone is yelling that they are not making the decisions any more.I also read those in charge cut the budget in many many areas.server equipment etc etc.I H O P E THEY ARE ALL MISTAKEN)

note: this is the first time i type anything in here and i have been playing blizz games from the very very very old days too…so i guess u can imagine how i feel too with all the things i read and see these days…

AND PLEASE BLUE POST and correct me if i am wrong. (Also plz forward the feedback from the heroes of the storm world to those in charge…(we all saw the diablo stories so far…deleted posts ,deleted dislikes etc etc…shame…)
Thank you.


Still waitin’ for response, Blizzard (or may I call you Activision now?)


You should call them Activision from now on… there is no more blizzard, no more WoW, SC / SC II… There is only a few left from the old developers. They are all been bought up, by Activision, and Activision is need money. If you ever read/saw Ready Player One, then you saw the future of the Blizzard… Been in hands of those who only want money. If i were you i just leave them be, and light a candle for the memory of those who made our childhood better, for those characters who made your dreams and for those players who has the same feeling.
This has been ended.
The upcoming remasters, and the SC remaster is looks promising, it gave me some hope, but then i realized the real reason for these… the lincens for the names has been expired, they need to renew them to make privet servers impossible to run. They can’t shut them down, if their licence has been expired.
This grate company has been sold, and we can’t do anythig against it. If you feel the grief, like every old school player, then light a candle and remember the good old days ^^ T_T


You can call Blizzard here many times, but they wont answer.