Brawl rotation is boring


Hello there.

Is this some kind of joke or bug? From like 3-4? months, every brawl is rotation of 4 ARAM maps: Braxis, Caverns, Silver City and Volskaya.
Where’s summer Sticthes hook? Chromie’s Blast? Or even Hanamura’s Payload?
It’s really boring, playing the same brawl every week :frowning:


those have been removed, its ARAM now, All Random All Mid , single lane,
bcoz when the voting was going on in reddit, ppl chose tht they wanted single lae arams, not interactive mini games in brawls,

but the new posts from dev says they also working on aram mode, dnt know wht it means, have to wait for further information


Just another case of developers mostly listening to terrible ideas yet again

Why do people feel the need to turn Heroes of the Storm into League of Legends?

People who love League of Legends should just go and play All Random All Mid on that game


yea, but at least they respond in reddit, i think we should discuss things here, n then post a question in reddit, still lame, ,they should be more active in their own forums


Voting for what players want to play, should be on Blizz official page/forum, not reddit. I don’t had even information on mail, or from B.Nett app about voting for brawl format.


no one had, n thts the issue, bliz devs mostly replying on reddit, but here, not much


They do it for the publicity

They end up looking like people who actually listen to the community to most people who casually surf the web

Despite knowing that their serious players are on their own forums


lol, com on, it cant b tht ,

also, another reason can b, ,which i think,

mostly the posts here r soo rude n crazy, always pointing fingers n being rude,

in reddit, i see the posts r little moderrate, ,not always shaying sh!t to devs

may b thts why they dnt com n check here


I’ve met a lot of people who really like these single lane maps for me tho there boring as hell. I prefer goofy and fun modes like pull party which really reminds me of wc3 pudge wars. Anyway, since brawls are played a lot, adding a separate mode for single lanes does seem okay.


When brawl was announced, it was advertised with arena match videos… like 10 illidan flying around. (…the same character pick is like 1%…?)
I really miss that the brawl meant to be a lots of other game modes… and now its only 1, ARAM. :frowning:



It’s just really sad how brawl turned into sh*tty aram


When we waited someone to finish the game, or just knowing that coming back like 10min, we always brawled…
now the damn aram can be 20 - 50 min…


I don’t get it.
Half of the Reddit was crying about more “ARAM style” brawls.
You got it and now you are crying again?


Why would we?..
No one in our friends liked aram for the first place… We always played brawls for arena and spec game modes… the shortest the better.
…I don’t get it why reddit have higher influence over the actual game forum…
Who cried on reddit anyway? When? …and WHY ON REDDIT?

If developers want to make a this kind of decision, why they not asking players in game? or at least trough links on launcher?..
But removing all other game modes that made the game varied…
Listening to a portal that has no actual connection to the game…
This is nonsense…


Maby because most of the players preferes reddit more than the official forum?
Even ANA seastions are made by Blizzard on reddit. Sorry lad it is the way it is.


This is silly, if they were serious about taking a vote to their players they should do one on the official website and make a link from the and a news item about in game.

Brawl as advertised was not meant to be aram-only. So please get hammer-mode and arenas back. While you’re at it, bring back Cursed Mines!


It was so cool when they introduced Brawl for the first time: choice of heroes, interesting arena maps, modifiers to spice things up…ALL MURKY, ALL HAMMER, ALL ILLIDAN, YEAAAAAAAAAH!

Now all of this is gone, and it’s only because some stoopid LOL guys went on Reddit and said ‘We’re LOL kids and we don’t like this gamemode, pls make it into LOL, because LOL is cool.’ and Blizzard listened to them. Guess what? I bet those same kids have left this game, because it has become a toxic pit and they have come back to LOL, after the damage they have done.

I sincerely can’t get over the decision of Blizzard about making Brawl a boring All Mid All lane like LOL: wasn’t HOTS supposed to be an original MOBA in comparison to DOTA and LOL? First thing, the experience earned is not for single heroes, but shared with the team; no items to buy; mercenary camps to push lanes; objective that gives an advantage…and with the old Brawl they were all things that made this game a competitor, and they removed the last feature. I don’t know how they thought this was a good marketing choice, but one thing is certain: this game is turning into LOL toxicity-wise, but the reports do nothing to stop that.

PS: ‘This post contains a word that is not allowed: st*pid’ lol, sure, that is indeed the worst vulgar word you’ve ever seen in the entire game.


Agree with you guys. Old Brawls were much more fun than ARAM only. To be honest, I’m not playing brawls anymore just because it’s only one lane map, not a crazy designed ideas that used to be at beginning.

They have a small dev team now, but even so they should bring back all Brawls maps. They doesn’t have to make a new one, just restore old ones.


Now I like ARAM a lot and it feels very differently from LoL’s but the special brawls were really fun as well so i would rather have it separate, ARAM’s one mode and Brawl’s another