Braxis Holdout Suggestion


This is actually kind of irritating but the flying zerg have no elevation indicators which makes using AOE ability on them very ineffective because you can’t properly place it under them, most of the time it’s guesswork.

This is kind of weird since Zagara’s Mutalisk has an indicator, Raynors banchee has also an indicator and pretty much anything that flies or hovers has an indicator of placement except the damned Zerg Wave fliers.

What the hell Blizzard ? Year alive and still no one thought of that ?
It’s really hard targetting those things with aoe’d abilities.


Correct me if I’m wrong but I think you need to target them directly, not the place above which they float (like in Starcraft II). Most skills work on them this way so I believe AoE isn’t any different.


Actually no, if you place AOE slightly below (if you imagine a green line going from them to the ground) you hit the perfectly well. I tested it just now, placed my AOE more below and hit them perfectly. Direct attacks are direct, they hit the hitbox properly.