Butcher Santa skin


So I recently tought about how could butcher don’t have a christmas skin.
Butcher could have a legendary Santa skin with alternate ability skins and sounds.
Ofc the santa hat and long white beard is a must.
In his left hand he would hold a candy cane and in the right hand could have some kind of a giant long cookie, or even a sledge :smiley:

Passive) Butcher have to collect Christmas Gifts or Snowballs instead of Meat.

Q) Nothing comes to mind

W) Could change the icon on affected hero to say… coal or cookie

E) When using E the instead of normal butcher head, a santa butcher head would be displayed above the targeted enemy’s head and butcher would not run but instead hop on a sledge and slide his way to the enemy hero on it. The casting sound could be christmas bells.

R - Lamb of the Slaughter) enemies are chained to a Christmas Tree with Christmas ribbon/that stuff that goes around the christmas tree
R - Furnace Blast) I don’t really know. Maybe do it as ice exploding…


Krampus https://pp.userapi.com/c840229/v840229845/43353/ZWfB4u9sVj8.jpg