Can somebody explain to me the ranking of this season?


I saw people (not many, but let’s say a few), who did not step anywhere out of silver 3 (or even less) in past seasons, yet they somehow ended up in gold or even plat 1. How can this happen? To make matters worse, those people actually play like silver or bronze, yet they up the MMR of all the group, dragging everyone down.


Guess its random,cant understand.
I was Silver 4 last seasson with more than 400 games in same League with solid MMR more than 2k and after 8-2 ended in Plat 5.

Btw,on another account had 70 % winrate climbed from Silver 5 to Silver 2 with MMR over 3300,after placment ended in Silver 4!

Also friend climbed from S5 to S1 ended in S4,one more last seasson from Bronze to Silver 4,after placmnet 8-2 ended in same rank.