Cant get into quick match


i am a new player and ive only been able to play against A.I. I tried to que for a match against real players but never got one because the que took too long. is my only choice to grind through A.I. to a high level to even begin to play against real people? This is upsetting because i really like the game because it has characters from WoW but i cant even “play” the game.


You can play Brawl,but if you are litteraly new new,you must play more AI to level up.


I had the same problem when I started a few months ago, really frustrating experience with few new players the QM wait is insane… I am not sure playing vs AI will help much as it does not change your MMR. I would suggest try playing draft mode or maybe even ranked mode see if it helps? Not ideal, but there is no point playing vs AI forever, these are extremely boring games.

Also, actually try playing a full tank or a healer in QM. These are “in demand” roles and can lead to much shorter wait times. Once you have a few QM games then it gets much quicker.