Can't play any blizzard game

This is really weird, some time ago I wanted to play with my friends but for whatever reason the game kicked me after ~5mins. Then it suddenly fixed after windows decided to update and I played with my friends, things went well until suddenly I couldn’t play again, back to the ~5 mins “trial”… BUT THEN the battle launcher updated and it got fixed!! for a week or so and it doesn’t work anymore… I just want to play HoTs with my friends man, this is so sad

I have updated everything (drivers/windows)
I have tried reinstalling
I have even tried using another windows user
But nothing worked // this also applies to other blizzard games like Overwatch 2

Hello Moshca,

Thanks for the details, if you’re experiencing disconnections every 5 mins on different games, you should perform the steps of this article :

A good way to check if it’s your connection is to test a different one, using some 4G for example.

My bad, when I said “kicked” I meant that the game straight up closes.

Sometimes it gives me an error message with a code, sometimes it doesn’t, but the game closes and if I restart it it just happens again.

Never had connection issues.
Thank you for your answer anyways.

I’d like to add that I tried Hearthstone and for some reason it works fine. So I’m having trouble with HotS and Ow2.