Chromie is only good for the poorly skilled


Just for the record lets get something straight chromie’s win-rate per rank :slight_smile:

Bronze ------ 51.8%

Silver ------------- 49.4%

Gold -------------- 47.9%

Platuim ---------- 44.3%

diamond--------- 39.9%

master -----------24.2%

grandmaster --N/A <----------- why n/a u ask ? cause cromie has less then a 1% representation rate in GM rank. cause contrary to popular belief she is very bad the higher u go up in rank.

but if that is true , then why where there so many players complaining about chromie being so OP ?

because the players who did the most complaining were poorly skilled casual players in Q.M. and bronze through gold.


Do people complain? I only saw one post here, while at least 2 posts complained that she is too weak now (which i disagree on).

She can be viable, but of course, she never will match the value of the likes of Jaina and Li Ming. On the other hand, there seem to be a lot of people throughout silver, gold and platinum that put an insane value on Kealthas, even to the point of dedicating one of the 2 bans at the beginning of the draft to him.

The truth is: the value of both mages comes down to the skill on the other side (or lack thereof). However, i would argue, that Chromie is the better of the 2 as

  • she has the better late-game (her “pierce” or “bronze CD reduction” power spike)
  • her dmg is more difficult to dodge after her rework
  • her slowing ult is a way better zoning tool than phoenix (even temporal loop seems better than pyroblast)
  • the surviveability and waveclear seems to be roughly the same (maybe with a small advantage for KT as chromie now longer has a mana talent).

This being said, i would never pick either of these 2 in higher ranks :slight_smile:


Why did you make up those stats? She has 64% in master right now over the last 7 days. And about 41% in bronze.


Bloodbörn lying about stats. None of em are true


I don’t about that . I mean the only way to tell is if blizzard shows us the stats and blizzard isn’t showing stats .

so to me they are accurate from my experiences, until blizzard proves otherwise with official data.


Have you been eating dum dum pills? If someone makes up stats you recon they are real unless company proves it wrong? Oh dear


A silver’s personal anecdotes are a more reliable source than tens of thousands of games uploaded and analyzed by a third party site this week.

Keep in mind this is the average IQ of your teammates in HotS and try to stay calm.


I 100% DIS-agree with u . chromie flat out sucks. nothing is good about the chromie re-work .


I suggest you learn how to play chromie if you feel like she sucks.


I played chromie alot. and the only people that say she is good now , are poorly skilled casuals players.


Seems like even if you played a lot, you never learned.


hmmm and u say =

its generally the other way around, if poorly skilled ppl saying shes good, and you saying shes trash, i wonder wht tht makes your -> skill level <- at , :thinking: