Computer shuts down


ok i dont know how u say but i start BORİNG THİS … GAME. every year somethink happen like this. my computer completely close every finish game. i reinstaled game 3 times. 2 days ago noting happen like this. but when new brawl started, my computer started shutdown. u cant make this game. always make an idiot mistake. never do good job. i am going to delete all your game now, wow, diablo etc. i dont want to play your idiot games anymore. i hope Blizzaard close soon. u dont deserve our respect.

Discornect after finished games

Could you please provide more information on this, Volkan? Does your computer restart automatically after a game or a complete shutdown occurs?
If there are any error messages, please indicate them, as well as the presence of any blue screens.

Please make also sure all your system drivers are up to date and there are no pending OS updates. Keep also in mind that a computer shutdown (or restart) indicates an underlying system issue - this support article will give you more information on this topic.



This seems more like a hardware or low-level software error on your end

Seeing as the vast majority of Heroes of the Storm players do not have shutdown problems like this it is quite unfair of you to blame the game or company for the problem you are encountering when it runs just fine on many computers

All computers are different

Your hatred is unhelpful and unjustified just because the game had a problem on your computer

It would be in your best interests to let the community and moderators help you and assist them in pinpointing what exactly is causing the problem your computer is suffering from


I have the same error. Since the Qhira patch (?) my computer shuts down every time a Brawl is a about to start. Also happens during the 30sec character select. After restart, I can always reconnect. But it’ll happen again as soon as another brawl game starts.

Fans starts spinning full power, screen turns black, computer unresponsive and have to restart.


It seems like your hardware is unable to keep up

You should upgrade your computer because I do not have the same issue you do