Consistently matched with people who barely win


So im comfortably sitting at around 51% win rate, barely winning.
But looking at people after each and every match what i find is that my team consistently have people who have a total win rate of anywhere from as low as 32% to 44% and thats it and it isnt with 20 games its several hundred games.
Im only counting in QM,unrank and ranked modes since for whatever reason i get people who play against ai or something a lot and loose against players.

Now if this was actually the same for the opposing team itd be okay, im in scrub rating but it isnt. Theyre more often than not mid diamond to master in league and sit at a comfortable 55-65% win rates in the same game modes and this matchup just happens every game.

Anyone mind explaining why a group of low winrates are matched against high winrates every single game. You havent even bothered to try and mix and match its just straight up sh-it vs decent.


Because all good players long left the game - only noŠ¾bs remain. And since game forces 50% winrate for everyone, it will use you to improve winrates of those guys. You can pretty much forget about goodd battles for this acc. Head towards ARAM mode and enjoy, since it is all random and you can just make new accs from time to time to get out of winrate trap.