Crashed during draft - HELP!


Dear Blizzard, I was just in draft for a team league game when my game crashed now its pegged me as a leaver AND removed rank points leading to a demotion game when all i tried to do was play a game with my mates! please can you fix this?


Hello Azlinn,

Please go through these steps here to avoid future crashes.

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


Ive already gone through all those steps months ago when reporting these crashes, but this is the first time its happened to me during league play so not happy about loosing points for no reason. it has crashed during league games before but not during draft allowing me to re-join and that works out but this is just unfair! everything is up to date and working properly all background apps are closed etc etc
UPDATE: the game is now completely unplayable constant crashes, cant join or re-join a single game
P.S your link is broken it fails to load


Good morning Azlinn,

If you did it months ago, your graphics card driver it most likely already outdated by now and might be the cause for your crashes. I have the tried the above link and it worked for me. Could you try it again?

Kind regards

What’s your opinion?


I sorry, but perhaps you didn’t read my post properly? I stated in it that everything is up to date, that includes my drivers. And just so you know they were also up to date months ago. also the link started working the next day and no it didn’t fix anything the game is still highly unstable.


Well then you should consult your computer about why it states your drivers are old ? :smiley:
No , really, the files state your files are old.

But I would keep most of my suggestions up.

Another thing I would look into is cleaning up the laptop hardware, laptops gather more dust than PC rigs and are much harder to clean.

Also I would check what settings you run because they might be too high for your computer to handle.


Did you bother to check the date of the files creation and upload? They are old files that were current at the time. Also my current problems are on my PC NOT my laptop. Also my settings are fine as they have been able to run it just fine for the last few years until an update around summer last year when these problems began. Note it was only after the update that the problems arose.