Delete some heroes from "ARAM" brawls


Can you, please, delete Sgt. Hammer and TLV (the lost vikings) from brawls like “Industrial District” (brawls with one lane only)?They are just useless here, and getting ez counters.If i playing matches with\against Sgt. Hammer, she is getting countered at all.I have feeling that the “random” of these brawls isn’t random at all.And TLV?They are just useless in 1 lane lol.


Hammer rules this mode if protected and with the right talents while you can build TLV on teamfights with Nordic Attack Squad and play as a ranged dps(on TLV this is just an enducated guess).


It’s just Brawl. People play the games to get their lootchest. Period.


Some people like to play the mode, because quickplay is trash, and ranked takes ages. PeRiOd.


YA AND win or lost SAME rewards… fun mode nothing more