Destination: HGC Finals (disservice to 2 of our longstanding casters!)


Hi all,

Just to bring this to Blizzard’s attention as there doesn’t seem to be a live chat feature to talk to an employee anywhere, 2 of our best known and most beloved casters have incorrect Twitter links in the recent post titled Destination: HGC Finals.

Apologies, as a new user I cannot link more than 2 URLs in one post so I have given the ending defining user part of the URLs following in each instance.

JHow is given as a link to /JHowGaming which does not exist when it should instead link to /RealJoshHoward, JHow’s actual Twitter.

The same goes with Gilly who is linked as /GillyweedSC2 - which is a real account, but wholly unrelated to the real Gilly - instead of the correct /GillyweedTV. All the other caster links are correct.

I am really disappointed in this lackadaisical attitude on the part of the HOTS esports team or whoever wrote/edited/copyedited this piece and did not sense check. This is sadly amateurish and given the increasing professionalism of esports as a whole - let alone across Blizzard as seen in the OWL - this leaves me doubting in the quality of the hallmark event of the year for HOTS if the contact details for Blizzard’s own employees aren’t relayed correctly.

Hope bringing this to your attention means you can correct it ASAP and give these casters the correct links and recognition they deserve for all their hard work over the years and upcoming at the HGC finals!

Thank you for your time.


Hey Pogonuada,

This is indeed unfortunate, I have reported it and it will be fixed. Thanks and sorry for the trouble. Sidenote: this was obviously a human error somewhere, no ‘disservice’ or ‘lack of recognition’ intended. We love our casters and their passion and I think they know it :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks Kheluriel!

Oh absolutely, I recognise it’s human error but the misstep to not have this checked the first time round seems like a poor showing to the excellent team that’s been around for a long time now.

Regardless, thanks for the quick turnaround and can’t wait to see what they and the rest of Blizzcon put on in a month!


For maximum turnaround, I just went in and edited myself (OCD kicked in). Thanks again for reporting this. Don’t stop giving us feedback and pointing out mistakes. Have a nice weekend :slight_smile:


Even better! You’re the best, thank you - you and your community team don’t get enough praise :smile: I will, and I wish you all the best too.

Thanks again!