Diablo Immortal Connection Issues

Ok, so I first installed the game. Then I tried to play it. Took me ages to just sign in and connect to the Battle Net. After that I could play for at least an hour in which I purchased the Battle Pass. Next day I wanted to carry on were I left of, but surprise from you. ALL my progress is GONE and I can’t use my character name anymore when I wanna play again. Because of not being able to carry on with my old progress, I tried to make a new character and can’t use my old name. Which sucks. I play from the beginning with the Battle Net connected. So why can’t you guys save my progress and give it back to me when I wanna carry on. Why is it so difficult for you to do that. If you can’t help me get playing again, then I WANT MY MONEY back for the Battle Pass.

Kind regards

( a very unhappy customer)