Disconnected during game/ blizzard services down/ leaver status


Game just DC’ed me and left on Trying to reconnect… no reaction whatsoever. Killed process and launched game again. Game froze after I clicked Rejoin button. Killed process again and re-launched game, rejoin worked but after few minutes game DC’ed me again :confused: After another re-launch it said that blizzard services may be temporarily unavailable and trying to connect - no reaction whatsoever (again). Another re-launch - ended up in main menu with a leaver status. This is not acceptable :confused:


Same thing happened to me. DC happens to me at least once a weak. I see the " Voice Chat disabled by Parental Controls" pop up for no reason followed up by a DC and I’m stuck trying to reconnect or I get the"You were dropped" message and get left out of the match.


I was in queue for a ranked match when the message “Server shutting down in 30 minutes.” appeared. I thought “Yea that’s alright I can do one more game before that.” A couple of seconds later I joined a match and entered the lobby. Before the match started however, I got kicked out of the lobby and logged out of game. When I logged in the next day, I noticed I had lost alot of ranked points and was now in demotion. I looked in my match history and it said i had won the last four ranked games I played. I queued up and then lost a match and got demoted. This obviously made me very upset.


Yep, had constant crashes yesterday after the Update. Only after the 5th game though but then unable to get back in. Always crashed as the reload of match was done. Now I have leaver status.
Also can u not contact support (technical). In my browser it tells me I can, then forwards me to the forum. Feels great…