Disconnected Every Time I try to Log In


As soon as I try to login to my HOTS account it disconnects me. I have tried changing the password and removing the authentication device briefly to no avail. Is the EU server currently having maintenance?

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Not currently, is the issue persisting today? If not then it could have just been a temporary issue with the path to the servers.

Should the issue still be ongoing let us know.

i am having the same problem, it keeps trying to authenticate my log in and it gets stuck there, and then it disconnects me, for a moment i managed to get in but i could not select any heroes i could only choose select random character

Same problem here.
Do get into US fine.
But not into EU.

interesting, i havent tried us server, but thats because in only play on the EU server.

Sorry for the late reply here, but there was a recent issue with the SC2 Arcade that was only affecting the EU servers, it seems to have been fixed with the latest NVIDIA GeForce update. Could you see if this update also fixes the issue for you?