Dropped while drafting for no reason


So game disconnects me randomly while drafting in ranked game, instanlty giving me leaver status and taking away ranked points equal to 2 losses. Thing is, nothing was wrong from my side, didnt leave any game and internet connection was working perfectly. Then system messase appeared that the servers are going down in 30 mins. Pretty sure it was not a problem from my side so it feels very cheap to lose progress like this. Spoke to a friend, said that has happened to him as well in the past. I assume I am not getting any points back, but does anyone had this problem before?


same problem, although got punished with -600 points and 4 leaver games


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if you’re having trouble staying connected to the game, please make sure to try out the steps from the connection troubleshooting support article. Unfortunately Customer Service is not able to restore the rank points that were lost.



Blizzard are you kidding me? I also was disconnected from ranked game during draft phase. Everything was frozen for 10 seconds, then I got main screen and message that I leaved the game and now I need to play 4 quick games to be able to play ranked games. This was definitally not a network problem. I don’t want to waste my time for 4 quick games, is it possible to fix this somehow? Or at least prevent such situations in feature? Why all other network processes are ok and just this game is disconnected sometimes??

Thanks in advance.


Hello Harrison,

There can be several explanations, but the main thing we should keep in mind that different apps have different requirements and use the resources available differently. To make an example, obsolete drivers might cause no issues for game X, but high latency in game Y. A certain app running in background can cause no troubles with Z but end up “competing” for resources with K, and so on. A prolonged freeze like the one you experienced can also indicate a performance-related issue, rather than a connectivity one.

If you are still experiencing issues, please check the following support article:

We also tried to answer the most common questions related to connectivity in this post. I hope you’ll find it an interesting read! :slight_smile:

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Frequent random disconnects during draft
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