Dva UpDate. more fun and better play. make dva stronger with better play skills


To make Dva better and more fun to play, i suggest adding the ability to dismount the mech by pressing D and when the mech is dismounted it does not leave the field it stays where it was left by the pilot and the pilot can join the mech at its location and mount it again. while the mech is unmounted it keeps the same helth points it was left with and it can be destryed destroyed while the pilot is wondering away just like the destroyer in vilskaya foundry. plz BLIZZARD give me the idea credits. i believe its a great idea.


D.va has always had a rough time being balanced.
Same as Chen.

Either they are horribly underpowered or overpowered.

With D.va and Chen it’s the underpowered bin.
The reason for that is their gimmicks don’t work as well anymore due to differences in other heroes.

D.Va’s bomb used to be a terror but now with everyone able to knock bombs away, speeding up or jump out. It’s not as scary. You need Garrosh to work that bomb to it’s perfection.
She is still a good laner but she is forced to take so much damage and unlike with Overwatch where she has a Z axis to fly up from above and flank. Here you see a giant mech coming from long and she has no way to pin you down.

I think they need to add some talents that puts slows on the enemy. Like for say… if an enemy stays too long in her auto attack they will stack slows over time.
Since D.va walks slower then normal players when shooting anyway.
I am not saying it goes into effect right away, more like she applies auto attack stacks on an enemy and till they hit something like 10 it slows em.
then 20 a bigger slow and 30 the top slow and additional damage taken.

But thats not even enough in my opinion.
She has always been more a bruiser/zoner but not someone with finishing blows.
So I think she also needs something for her foward shielding. Maybe a self clease/unstoppable talent since that is defintally needed. I mean Garrosh has it but D.va can get stunned out of any escape easily with her giant hitbox.
So a small unstoppable when casting her W for 1 second and that should be enough.