Feeding, AFKers, Why I'm uninstalling


Blizzard doesn’t care about anything except keeping the twitter-mafia happy by banning people who use naughty words and have wrong-think ideas. Whole team reports someone for spending the whole game purposefully running into towers? Doesn’t matter, be prepared to get matched with them several times in one day. I’m so sick of getting bans for using bad words meanwhile the game is filled with cancerous toxic trash that que in ranked games just to throw and ruin everyone else’s fun with 0 consequences.

I’ve been so close to gold multiple times, and then I get stuck in several games in a row with these kinds of people - either just afk the whole game or feed. Your whole team can report them and it doesn’t matter. You’ll see them again soon!

I’m done with this dead game. It’s too much.


I suggest You to drink “relaxation tea” or something like that.
If you can’t control your anger, then you have a problem and if You think it is unfair to get bans for “bad behavior”, then this is your problem as well.


Right choice man!.
I did stop.play for almost same reasons.
Because NOT exist mechanics wich punish these young EU trash peoples.
I did suggested to now such mechanics ideas!
I understand HoTS devs. work slow…and in future maybe they will to finaly complate it.
With this our human race…everything is " normal" not only for video gaming interteiments…


Yes, your suggestions are very well,BUT problem is different!!
Huge problem is we spend too long time to play!
Try to play rare times or short time with ling pauses,and in future you will understand that!
I either lose my patience many times.
Or work 20 days in month or study or teach something again almost everyday.
Or our girlfriends often say /quarrel to us “dont play so long time and often”, or sport something. That is…


There needs to be a group of human moderators who watch replays of reported players to punish them accordingly


Yes,need such requit such “refeers punishment”,but they must be volunteers like old 4 years game xp -ed players and Masters,GM,Platuim,and to be min 35 years old!.
But for this task ,i know what will cost for HoTS devs,long time new type program or tools.
And this is idea too and can be useful.
Yeah…i know,would still stay the problem ,how much would be fair these such " judge refeers"…