Feeding, AFKers, Why I'm uninstalling


Blizzard doesn’t care about anything except keeping the twitter-mafia happy by banning people who use naughty words and have wrong-think ideas. Whole team reports someone for spending the whole game purposefully running into towers? Doesn’t matter, be prepared to get matched with them several times in one day. I’m so sick of getting bans for using bad words meanwhile the game is filled with cancerous toxic trash that que in ranked games just to throw and ruin everyone else’s fun with 0 consequences.

I’ve been so close to gold multiple times, and then I get stuck in several games in a row with these kinds of people - either just afk the whole game or feed. Your whole team can report them and it doesn’t matter. You’ll see them again soon!

I’m done with this dead game. It’s too much.


I suggest You to drink “relaxation tea” or something like that.
If you can’t control your anger, then you have a problem and if You think it is unfair to get bans for “bad behavior”, then this is your problem as well.


Right choice man!.
I did stop.play for almost same reasons.
Because NOT exist mechanics wich punish these young EU trash peoples.
I did suggested to now such mechanics ideas!
I understand HoTS devs. work slow…and in future maybe they will to finaly complate it.
With this our human race…everything is " normal" not only for video gaming interteiments…


Yes, your suggestions are very well,BUT problem is different!!
Huge problem is we spend too long time to play!
Try to play rare times or short time with ling pauses,and in future you will understand that!
I either lose my patience many times.
Or work 20 days in month or study or teach something again almost everyday.
Or our girlfriends often say /quarrel to us “dont play so long time and often”, or sport something. That is…


There needs to be a group of human moderators who watch replays of reported players to punish them accordingly


Yes,need such requit such “refeers punishment”,but they must be volunteers like old 4 years game xp -ed players and Masters,GM,Platuim,and to be min 35 years old!.
But for this task ,i know what will cost for HoTS devs,long time new type program or tools.
And this is idea too and can be useful.
Yeah…i know,would still stay the problem ,how much would be fair these such " judge refeers"…


The solution is far more simple and would costs ZERO to blizz.

Just make so that players can up-vote or down-vote team members at the end of the game.

Who gets up-voted gain more rank points, down-votes remove rank points.

This would also fix leavers, feeders, toxic players in general.

Usually ppl gets around 200 points when win/loose, votes might be worth +/-15 points so if you play well you might get +60 or -60 if you are a troll.

This allow good and “well behaved” players to rank up faster and toss back all those who play and behave bad.

You can set rules like:
-each player got 2 up and down votes
-only 1 vote per player
-you can’t vote party members that already received a vote from a party member

Ofc more rules should be implied and the worth of votes should be balanced accordingly.

But is a simple and free solution that will fix most of the problems without the need of banning ppl from Hero League.


Your idea has some merit

But it would also pave the road for people to group up and simply bully someone they don’t like regardless of how that person played

Resulting in that person getting no points even if their team won the game with help from them

And that would result in people coming to complain even more on the forums about it for being an unfair system


you can’t vote party members that already received a vote from a party member

Let’s say you are in a team of 4 and you and your friends decide to “bully” me, only one of you can down-vote me, so in the worst case i can get -15.

That’s the downside of playing as a group, but you have the benefit of being better coordinated.


Rank shouldn’t be influenced at all by how anyone “feels” another player did. At all. And it doesn’t get rid of trolls, it just pushes them down in rank some and probably makes them even more bitter and unhinged. Problem not fixed. It might be “free” in terms of not needing a moderator, but that is a significant change and it would either need to be tested somehow, or else they’re taking a gamble that they don’t completely break things and push even more people away.


I’m inclined to be on your side regarding afk’ers, etc… But you’re really quick to give yourself a pass for “bad words” that you don’t define, vague reference to a twitter mafia, etc… Meanwhile the vague insinuation that afk’ers/feeders are worse, therefore “bad words” are OK. Then your cavalier use of cancer as a metaphor in 2019, which tells me you probably don’t know anyone who has had to deal with cancer. It’s all very interesting.


And what happens if none of the players are in a party and all four players other than you on your team decide to vote you down out of anger simply because they did not like you?

I will tell you:

You will end up losing a lot of rank points just because of their hard feelings even if you end up as the MVP of a winning game!

You need to look at the whole picture before being so sure that your idea would work

Anyone who abuses the chat function of the game to spread anything other than positive messages deserves the silence they get

The chat function exists to help people enjoy the game more

But most people assume they can just go around typing nonsense or bad words to one another

There is a reason why you cannot simply chat with the enemy team after all


Listen. I exaclty know what you are talking about.
But anyone’s anger/stress problems are his/her problems - reasons doesn’t matter. There is no excuse of pushing your anger against others. Just go AFK, drink coffe, tea, beer or go for a walk.
If someone can’t control himself, he shouldn’t play computer games. Sad, but true.
Some time ago My Girl said I “trashtalk” when I play, and she tried to sleep that time.
So what I did? Started to control myself - can’t blame others for own actions. Easy.


It is impossible to achieve any sense of fairness in these type of games. For instance, few days ago my team mate tells me to report enemy teams healer, because he picked bad talents… I’m like what in the actual F… another situation, I tell a guy “well, that was smart” he reports me for abusive chat.

Its just clusterF of random opinions and judgments. If you ask me, they should just remove ranked completely, make it payed to participate… so if somebody wants to participate they will if nothing value their own money and be somewhat serious about it.

Remove reporting system completely, and just be done with it.


In a perfect world… your idea would be sound. But we have something called “trolls”. Hence, the world is imperfect, and your idea would have terrible, terrible consequences for everybody if implemented.


noooooooooo , no pay for SL lol

but still, best is, play QMs , make frends, play a few games together, ,thn go in SL with those frends

n Yea, the report system is useless i think